How to Invest in Your Business to Add Value to the Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Smart businesses are spending money on themselves. Making updates to your commercial property can yield many different kinds of returns. You can add value to the property, save money on your overheads, and give your customers a little extra when they spend money at your business. These simple property improvements are a win-win.

Better Bathrooms

If you operate in a customer-facing industry, like retail or hospitality, then the chances are you provide restroom facilities to your customers. The quality of these spaces, as well as their cleanliness, speaks volumes about your business and your brand. In restaurants, bars, and hotels this is especially important as the appearance and hygiene of your restrooms can impact how customers feel about the cleanliness of your kitchens. 

Investing in public bathroom spaces can be expensive if you need a full makeover, but some simple and smart additions that add convenience and hygiene can create a highly positive customer experience. Consider making space for bathrooms suitable for a specific use, like baby changing rooms or wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.

Parking Means a Lot

Before customers walk through your doors, they park their cars. The experience they have and the impression they get when they pull into your lot could make them turn their cars around if you have neglected this important outdoor space. First impressions matter, especially if you want to grow your customer base. Your property should look inviting and professional from the road, beckoning people to come inside and spend.

Concrete and flatwork repairs can turn a tired parking lot into a pleasurable place to park. Providing secure spaces with even surfaces adds a lot to your customer experience, without much investment. Your real estate value will reflect the change too, helping the investment to pay for itself in the long run. Learn more about concrete and flatwork repair and you could give your business and brand a better look from afar, and your customers and their cars will appreciate it.

Cool Sales, Hot Deals

Temperature matters. Your business’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is a crucial component of the customer experience and not enough people pay attention to it. Keeping the temperature in your space comfortable and the air fresh keeps customers happy. It increases browsing time in retail and can keep customers buying more food and beverages in hospitality. When people are comfortable, they stop for a while and spend money while they do.

Spend some money on your HVAC and it could pay for itself. With energy a constant rising cost on the balance sheet, you possibly cannot afford not to update your system in the long run. The energy efficiency savings you make will offset the investment, and the added sales will speed up covering the cost. Create a better atmosphere for sales and it’s a win for you and your customers, especially in hot weather.

These three simple commercial property investments can help generate sales, add value to the customer experience you offer, and add to your real estate value. It is easy to see why so many businesses invest in themselves and their property with these tips, you save money, make money, and there are tax incentives too. Make more of your business by making some property improvements and secure your business’s financial future while growing your customer base.