How to Hold a Mouse for Gaming

Mouse for Gaming

There are over 1 billion PC gamers worldwide – that’s about 12% of the world’s population! This, in turn, makes the computer mouse industry worth a whopping $19 billion.

Sometimes, you play your favorite FPS and MOBA games endlessly, and you start to wonder why you can’t perform like professional players. Don’t worry, we’ve all felt that way before.

This is why learning how to hold a mouse is crucial to performance. If you want to learn how to hold a mouse for gaming and get better, read on!

Figure out Which Mouse Best Suits You

Before learning how to hold a mouse for gaming, finding the best one for you is important. Along with a variety of sizes and weights, some gaming mouse can come with 12 buttons on the side and others can come with customizable mouse software.

If you are unsure what is best for you, has a wide variety of the best gaming mouse on the market. Once a mouse is chosen, get a feel for what grip speaks to you.

How to Hold a Mouse for Gaming: 3 Grips

There are different ways to hold a gaming mouse. Depending on the size of your hand and mouse, these grip styles will show you how to control this device.

Palm Grip

This grip is what most people use to browse the web. The palm covers the back surface of the gaming mouse while the fingers are fully rested, hugging the rest of the mouse.

A lot of FPS gamers prefer this method as it helps with aiming.

Fingertip Grip

For fingertip grip, the palm is not touching the mouse at all. The only parts in contact with the mouse will be the fingertips.

Quick snapping and fast movements are good for this grip. Unstable control may happen.

Claw Grip

Positioned like a claw, part of the palm is in contact with the mouse, and the fingertips are almost directly below the knuckles.

This grip is excellent when rapid clicks are needed.

Wrist or Arm Movement?

Depending on what type of game you are playing, there are two ways to move your mouse, with your wrist or your arm. Here’s how they work:

With MOBA or RTS games, moving from your wrist is generally preferable. It requires lots of micro-movements and snapping.

This movement compliments well with fingertip and claw grip.

In contrast, utilizing your arm to move your gaming mouse is vital for FPS games, as you will have to deal with rotating your character in a wide range of 360 degrees and a better aim. This means you may have to slide your gaming mouse across 10 inches.

Arm movement goes well with a palm grip.

Pair this up with your newly found way of holding your mouse for gaming, and you are one step closer to a great experience.

Start Gaming Away!

In the end, it is up to you to decide how to hold a mouse for gaming. It is all about what best suits your needs and comforts.

Remember – palm grip goes with arm movement. Fingertip and claw go with wrist movement.

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