How to Hire a Remote or Freelance Workforce for Customer Support and Telesales?

How to Hire a Remote or Freelance Workforce

The seismic shifts in the evolving marketplace have changed the working and hiring paradigm. The freelance economy is not a new trend, but it is expanding its bandwagon to disrupt businesses’ work.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there has been a 400% growth in freelancers since 2005. 34% of the US workforce engages in the freelance economy, which is estimated to reach more than 50% by 2023. In the UK, the size of the remote workforce doubled between 2016 and 2019. As per a report, almost 50% of the global freelancers are Indians.

The pandemic has accelerated this push towards remote working. As per a report, sixty-four percent of employees are working remotely due to the pandemic. Similarly, about three in five employees are looking to continue working from home.

Many businesses are looking to implement this shift from an on-premise work model to a remote one. This article is curated to help such business owners.

Fret not, the answer to all these questions is VOIZ — a one-stop destination for hiring, training, and managing a trusted freelance workforce for customer support and telesales.


Start-ups and industry giants are leveraging an independent workforce to drive priority CX projects with significant cost benefits and scalability. When you hire from VOIZ, your business can stay competitive by retaining customers during the most mission-critical areas.

Following are the advantages of hiring remote talent for customer support from VOIZ:

  • The remote workforce that you hire from VOIZ is expertly talented in every aspect of customer care.
  • More than 100K ready-to-hire customer experience professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds across the country.
  • The freelance talent can adjust according to your company’s peaks and valleys, ensuring ease of hiring.
  • Pay for productive hours only, ensure performance every hour.
  • The AI-powered platform to maximize efficiency.
  • Real-time collaboration with remote customer experience agents.
  • Real-time analytics and insights for maximum productivity.

How Does It Work?

An efficient CX workforce offers omnichannel experiences to engage everyone— active customers and prospective clients alike

You can hire talented and trusted remote workers in a few simple steps.

  • Pick a Model

You can select any of the two models – a self-serve model that can be managed in-house or a fully outsourced model run by our vetted contact centers.

  • Post Your Project

Fill our form with all your project requirements like company information, process type, number of agents, and languages.

  • Hire/Build a Team

Receive the right applications depending on the model you selected – CX agents or contact centers. Shortlist and schedule interviews to hire the best-suited agents.

  • Set up Your CX Process

Build workflows, integrate your CRM and communication channels like email and chat. Train your team. Set up metrics.

  • Go Live

Make the payment, and kick start your project. VOIZ’s integrated workforce management platform allows you to manage, communicate, and collaborate with remote CX agents. Audit and improvise workforce performance by reading results in real-time.


With the world economy taking a hit after the pandemic, most businesses outsource work outside their core functions. Freelancers or remote workers are gearing up for the increasing demand.

VOIZ’s talented workforce allows you to deliver seamless customer service at every touchpoint and ensure an exceptional experience with each interaction. Choose VOIZ and update your CX to a remote model.