How to Hire a DUI Attorney: Everything You Need to Know

How to Hire a DUI Attorney

Did you know that about 2 in 3 people will be involved in a drunk accident in their lifetime?

If you’ve had a DUI recently, you’ll be considering your options, including hiring an attorney. The entire process can feel overwhelming, and you might not know where to begin.

The good news is that there’s hope. Read this guide on how to hire a DUI attorney today. 

Reading Online Reviews

Check online and read reviews on search engines and their website. Ask the attorney for testimonials. Speak with a few of their past references and see what they say. 

See what memberships they’re in and how much experience they have. You’ll want someone who has DUI case experience, such as Prentiss Law. Check out their website and avoid those that don’t look professional. 

Head to the Better Business Bureau for more online reviews. The Better Business Bureau also lets you read about complaints and whether or not they were resolved. 

Call the Law Firm

Call the law firm to set up an appointment. See how quickly they answer the phones and if it’s in a professional manner. You’ll want to avoid law firms that don’t make you feel comfortable. 

Interview Each Lawyer

You’ll want the best lawyer to back you up when facing a DUI charge. Interview each and notice how comfortable you feel. Many will offer a free consultation. 

Ask them about your case, their rate, and how they’ll keep in touch. Find out if there are any hidden fees along the way. Look for transparency, someone who will be honest with you about your case. 

Ask about their: 

  • Courtroom reputation
  • Demeanor
  • Code of ethics
  • Practice habits 
  • Competence 
  • Communication

Find out the percentage of their cases that are on DUIs. Ask what a plea deal will look like. 

They should be able to tell you how many past DUI trials they’ve had and defended. See if they have the staff necessary to answer your questions and cover your case. 

Request a Tour 

Have the law firm give you a tour of the office. Notice if it’s well-run, organized, and neat. Pay attention to how many staff they have available. 

Notice if they seem rushed or are friendly. The law firm should have employees who want to help you. Check if any part of the office space is large and unused. 

Find Out Their Relationship With Prosecutors

When comparing attorney fees and facts, find out their relationship with prosecutors. They might negatively impact your case if they have a history of problematic contact. 

Ask About Legal Fees

You’ll want to understand the entire financial agreement. That means all fees, how they’ll be paid, and when.

Think about your budget and if they financially make sense. Receive a written agreement with a breakdown of the fees and when you’ll be charged. 

Give Yourself Time

Don’t go with the first lawyer you speak with. Write down the facts about each attorney and ensure they’re within your budget. Avoid law firms that push you to make a decision.

Ask Friends and Family

See if your friends and family have recommendations. Ask about the outcome of the case and their experience with them. 

Find out if they trusted the attorney during the trial. If you’ve previously worked with a lawyer, find out if they offer DUI services. If not, ask them if they know of any excellent DUI attorneys. 

Check Their Experience

Do your research on their experience. Find out how many DUI cases they’ve had this year. Have they switched specialties from something else? 

Look into their track record and compare each lawyer. Ensure that their track record aligns with your case and goal. 

Consider the Size of the Firm

Think about whether you’d like a small or large firm. You might have someone else handling the case and paperwork if it’s a large firm. 

It could be a more personal touch for small firms, but they might not have the necessary experience. Find out if the law firm has a good standing with law enforcement. 


Find a DUI lawyer who works in the area where it occurred. The lawyer will have more knowledge of the area and its laws. They’re also more likely to know the judges and prosecutors in the area. 


After the initial consultation, decide if you trust the lawyer. You’ll want someone who will fight hard for your case. 

Avoid those that seem like they’re in it for money. See how confident they are with your case.

Find out if they have malpractice insurance. If they do, see how much is available. See how they’ll keep you up-to-date on your case and any developments. You’ll also want to know if they outsource any work. 

They’re Active Members

Visit your local bar association’s website to ensure that the lawyers you’re considering are active on this list. Avoid those that aren’t. If they are, see what law associations they’re a part of.

Look for those who have leadership positions. Lawyers with long-term leadership positions tend to be respected in the community. Research peer review ratings online as well. 

Better Understanding How To Hire a DUI Attorney

After exploring this guide, you should better understand how to hire a DUI attorney. Take your time speaking with each lawyer and see which best aligns with your case.

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