How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issue

Why Is My Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Outlook, a widely used email server released by Microsoft, can supply you with reliable and convenient support of email management. However, due to various reasons, issues may happen sometimes. For example, you may come across errors like Outlook not responding and Outlook stuck on the loading profile.

How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issue

Here, we’d like to talk about another common issue – Outlook not receiving emails while sending emails working well. To fix this issue, let’s figure out what reasons lead to this problem firstly.

Possible reasons: 

  • Account is blocked.
  • Inbox is full.
  • Unstable network connections.
  • Outlook profile is corrupted.

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Thus, how can you fix Outlook not receiving emails problem? Please keep reading.

6 Methods to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issue

In this section, 6 solutions to Outlook not receiving emails will be introduced with detailed steps. 

Method 1. Check Internet Connection

Initially, the first thing you should do is checking the network connection and the Outlook service status. If your Internet connection is unstable or interrupted, you may not receive and send emails.

Check it this way: 

Reboot computer and connect it to another (stable) Internet.

Run browser and enter the official website of Outlook. Go to Outlook’s Service Status page and check if the current status is normal. It will be marked red if not.

Method 2. Check Junk Email Box

Another easy troubleshooter is to check the junk email folder to see whether the needed emails were marked as junk while they can be received normally.

① Click Junk Email folder to see if there are some lost emails.

② Right click the missing emails and select Mark as not junk to move them to the inbox.

How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issue

Method 3. Check If Inbox Is Full

It is obvious that if the inbox too full to have enough free space to save an email, the subsequent emails can’t be received. In this circumstance, you just need to remove the useless emails from Inbox, Junk Email or other folders to free up storage space.

Method 4. Check Blocked Senders

If you set up blocked sender address, it will bring about Outlook not receiving emails issue. 

Click Settings icon and then choose View all Outlook settings option.

Click Mail tab and select Junk email.

Method 5. Check Inbox Settings

In many cases, unreasonable inbox settings are to blame for not receiving emails in Outlook. Specifically, improper inbox filter and sort settings are the causes. So, you can reset the inbox settings to fix the issue

Open Outlook service. Go to the Filter tab and choose Sort by.

Select a type from the submenu. For instance, if you choose to sort by Date, you can view the latest emails. If sort by From, it means you’ll view emails from a specific person. 

Method 6. Clear Outlook Cache

When you suspect you’ve missed some emails as you didn’t receive them, they may be stored in a hidden ItemProcSearch folder. Therefore, try clearing the cache may be a useful solution to this issue.

Method 7. Outlook Crashing Because of Antivirus

Sometimes, if you have installed antivirus programs on computer, Outlook will create a barrier for incoming server. To fix it, you are suggested to follow the guidelines of antivirus manufacturers to accomplish error-free compatibility between antivirus and Outlook email clients. 

Method 8. Create a New Outlook Profile

Outlook profile is very important. It is used to store information of email accounts and configuration settings, which determines the location of email messages delivered and stored. 

Also, if the Outlook profile is corrupted, you may meet the error Outlook not receiving emails. In this case, you need to create a new one just by following these steps.

Enter Outlook service and go to File > Account Settings > Manage Profiles.

Click Show Profiles in the pop-up window.

Click Add button dialog box. Type the new name for the profile and click on OK. Then follow the prompts to set email account.

After restarting Outlook, go to File > Account Settings > Change Profile path

Restart outlook and enter Choose Profile window. Select the new profile just created and click OK to save it.

Final Words

Reading here, even though Microsoft Outlook not receiving email error is caused by various reasons and triggers, you can still fix it by using the quick techniques listed in this post. Or, if the issue still exists after trying all these tips, you may choose to uninstall the setup and reinstall it.

At last, if you have any other solutions (that we don’t mention) to this case, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.