7 Ways to Fix Instagram Refresh Feed Issue – Could not Refresh Feed Error

Instagram is a great app and platform where you can share pictures and videos and connect with your friends and new users out there. Instagram works great, but at times, you may with this ‘Instagram Refresh Feed Issue’ where you get a message like Couldn’t refresh Feed Error’. This error message shows up at random times while using Instagram. You can create a business Instagram account to announce your products and services, to attract consumers with the best themes and amazing options, do my essay cheap will provide good communication stories to your Instagram.

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 While using the Instagram viewer tool, you don’t need to follow specific profiles to view their photos and videos. So today, we will tell you about 7 Ways to Fix Instagram Refresh Feed Issue.  So today we will tell you about 7 Ways To Fix Instagram Refresh Feed Issue.


How To Fix Instagram Refresh Feed Issue?

1. Exit and re-open your Instagram App

When you receive such a message, the first thing you can do is to exit the application. After going back to the home page of your Android phone, wait for at least 1 minute and open the app again. Once you enter the app, check whether you can refresh the feed. If not, you need to opt other methods. This option also works fine with the problem ‘Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error’ if you have an internal Instagram app problem and you will get your feeds there.

2. Fix Network Issues

The most possible reason for this error is caused by network disconnection. Therefore, after seeing the error, you should first check your network connection. Switch off and then switch on your mobile data or wifi and check again after refreshing.

3. Restart your phone

Switch off your phone and wait for some time. Turn it on after few minutes and try logging in to your Instagram account.

4. Update or Reinstall Instagram App

Check if your Instagram app is up-to-date. There may be a known bug or another issue that could be causing that error message to show up. Always keep your app updated by downloading the latest release from the Google Play Store.

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5. Clear cache and data

Go to Settings > Applications > Instagram > clear the app cache and then see that if you see ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ error again or not.

6. Delete Inappropriate Post or Comment

Another possible reason for the issue is that you have the inappropriate post, photos or comments on your account. Therefore, you need to log in your Instagram account on a computer and check if anything wrong on your account. If you find that there is something wrong with your account, you need to remove them to make the account works smoothly.

Post: If Instagram thinks one of your post as inappropriate, you’ll get the message when signing in via a browser. Delete the post as it asks.

Photos: Sometimes you may get this error on your profile. To solve this problem, you can upload a new picture to replace the old one. If the newly uploaded image is appropriate for the account, you will be able to refresh the feed.

Comments: You need to find out the inappropriate comments under your post and delete them. Get rid of the double hashtag ## comment AND with a symbol.

After adopting these methods if still, you are getting the error then you should go for next step.

7. Report the problem to Instagram

Go to setting of your app and click on ‘Report a problem’ and go to ‘Something isn’t working’ and describe your problem.

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Final Words on How To Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error in Instagram

So, guys, these are some methods which you can try in case you get the error of ‘Couldn’t refresh feed’ in Instagram app. It’s not necessary that all of these will work for you. But keep on trying, at least one of these will definitely work for you. Comment below if you need any help.

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