How to find who tried to unlock your phone

tried to unlock your phone

Mobile phones have changed the face of the world in recent times. Life has been simple since the invention of smartphones. We are just a few clicks away from receiving the information we want from any remote part of the world. Unlimited data is accessible from the mobile. Also, your data is stored on the mobile.

We store the data for our ease. But what if someone has access to it without our concern? In modern times, the cases of the theft of this stored data are increasing. According to cyber cell, a 54% rise in breaching of devices in 2019 compared to 2018. It is expected to rise in upcoming years. Here’s a smart link from this website ( that helps you understand who tried to unlock your phone with an even better interface. 

Still, the commoner is not concerned about the security of his mobile. Android users are at higher risk of being hacked than apple users. That’s why people with big businesses are apple users. Apple provides better security not only for its cell phones but also for laptops and Macs.

A professional hacker or hacking organization would hack a company searching for more and huge profits. But small scale hackers attack the bank accounts, social media accounts, and cells of ordinary people. Generally, complete information is stored on the mobile. Due to the increase in the number of fraud cases, people have been questioning mobile security, and also these systems face trust issues from the customers. 

Now, these problems arise if your phone is hacked. But what if your mobile is stolen or someone unlocks your mobile without your concern and has a look through it without you knowing it. We also have got a solution for this!

How to find who tried to unlock your phone?

We all know there are several ways to find out where on earth our cell is. The first way is through GPS, which is applicable only if your mobile data is on your wife’s network. Other methods are in mobile security developed by each company.

Likewise, there are solutions to find out who tried to unlock your phone in your absence. There are several apps on every mobile platform for this problem.

Discover who attempted to open your phone in three different ways –

1.Who Touched my Phone App 

Download the Who Touched my phone App and open it. After finishing the welcome interface, tap on the force switch to initiate the application (and permit the necessary authorizations). To set a lock on the application, head to Settings >Authentication on the application section. Here you can enter a four-digit pin, and can likewise empower a unique finger impression lock (on the off chance that you’re not utilizing a phone without one ).

There are some different settings you can play with (which are simple). There’s an alternative to follow neglected to open endeavors, too, in the event of too many wrong attempts, the application will lock the gadget and even delete the information. (So continue with safety measures) The application will monitor the exercises of the invader (if the choice is empowered). The application taps the image each time the phone screen illuminates (regardless of whether the correct secret word is entered).

2. Intruder Selfie App 

Download and open the Intruder Selfie App. 

Finish the welcome interface and award the essential authorizations alongside the Admin consent 

Naturally, this application also locks the gadget and can even delete the information (if there should arise too many wrong endeavors). This application doesn’t have any choice to set its lock. 

There are some different changes, like the choice to pick when to click an image (which is acceptable). 

Different settings are simple. 

To uninstall the application, you need to eliminate the gadget Admin consent first, which should be possible from the uninstall menu or the phone’s application and the executive’s settings.

3. Lockwatch – Thief Catcher 

This application is straightforward to use, as it doesn’t accompany heaps of customization. The best component of this application is that it sends the image of the cheat to the enlisted email address. (Pretty helpful on the off chance that your gadget gets taken, which is why the name is criminal catcher, right!). 

There’s likewise a premium membership to the application, including some significant disadvantages of INR 260 ($3.5). 

Now, the function is the same for most of them. It captures the picture of the person who unlocks the cell using the front-end camera. For Android mobiles, for versions greater than 4.0, these apps will ask permission to access the front camera. 

Conclusions: –

Therefore, several such apps are available on the play store and store with their advantages and limitations. Also, mobile companies are including such features in device security itself. Using the face recognition feature, maybe they will eliminate the rules of apps such as Lockwatch. The updates for the latest androids may soon roll out. This may prevent users from downloading and using false third-party apps, thus keeping users’ data safe from malware and fraud.