How To Find Lightroom for Free

Don’t know how to use Adobe Lightroom free without breaking the law? It’s real and easy. There are different ways of doing it. Look through these two legal ways to download Lightroom CC 2019 for free and about dangers that can harm you or your PC when using torrent resources. If you need more, read about the other 3 ways to download Lightroom Free.

1st Way: Lightroom Free Trial

Program type: Trial version

Support: macOS/Windows

One of the most popular and effective ways to get Lightroom for free is to use its trial version. Using it, you get full access to all the functionality and features, including Creative Cloud. Moreover, choosing a trial version of “Photography” plan, you also get Adobe Photoshop, which is a huge plus. 

The most interesting thing is that Lightroom is considered to be one of the most powerful photo editors for professional color correction, however, it’s not as difficult to master as, for example, Capture One PRO. You can learn how to work in Lightroom by watching a couple of YouTube tutorials and spending a few hours on it. 

Aside from advanced tools for color correction, Lightroom also has one of the most convenient in-built file management/cataloging systems. This will be a great choice for a photographer or photo editor who deals with thousands of shots every day. Here is a little step-by-step instruction on how to download the Lightroom trial.

Step 1. Go to the official website, click “Creativity & Design” and then “Lightroom”.

Step 2. Select the “Free Trial” section.

Step 3. Download Adobe Creative Cloud and install Adobe Lightroom free. Done!

Free Lightroom Trial: FAQ & Answers 

  • Is a trial version of Lightroom supported by macOS and Windows?

Yes, you can use it with both operating systems.

  • Does the Lightroom trial have the same features as the official version? 

Yes, it provides the same picture editing options as the latest version of Lightroom.

  • How to get Lightroom for free avoiding registration in Creative Cloud?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible. Today all Adobe products work with Creative Cloud membership and Lightroom isn’t an exception. You can select your type of subscription which will include Lightroom or a few other applications.

There are different types of subscriptions: for students, teachers, individuals, business people as well as personal subscriptions for photographers and establishments. 

2nd way: Lightroom СС Mobile

Program type: FREE

Support: Android/iOS

lightroom cc

Lightroom СС mobile version is completely free and supported by both iOS and Android. You can connect it to Creative Cloud and use it as an add-on, a plug-in to your main program on a PC. Having selected the subscription plan, you will also have access to cloud storage which greatly simplifies its further operation. 

The program works the same as the desktop Lightroom CC. You may take advantage of plenty of professional tools for color correction, both manual and automatic. Also, I would like to mention that Lightroom supports RAW files. This is an essential requirement today and free Lightroom CC manages it without any problems as the database of supported files is identical to the desktop, it’s constantly updated. Besides, the photo editor is equipped with AI, which means that automatic correction will exceed your expectations. 

In addition to multiple available effects and filters, the mobile picture editor also supports presets. You can create them, share with your friends and install ready-to-use ones. This greatly simplifies the work, especially if you are working on one photo session with the same lighting. 

If you want to edit your pictures using your Android/iOS tablet or a smartphone, choose free Lightroom mobile application. To download this app, go to Google Play or AppStore and search for Lightroom CC Mobile.

Lightroom Mobile: FAQ & Answers 

  • Is Lightroom CC included in Creative Cloud?

Yes, Lightroom mobile version is a part of Creative Cloud and has the same additional functions.

  • Can I use a mobile version on an ongoing basis?

No, if your photos require more than basic color correction.

  • What is the format of presets and how can I install them?

Lightroom mobile version presets’ format is DNG. Add them through Lightroom settings or by clicking on them from the explorer. 

Insecurities of Using Pirated Lightroom Version

Nowadays, there are a lot of serious dangers that you can experience if you use pirated versions of computer programs. Not each of them is apparent and that’s why there’s always a hidden danger. I will tell you about some of them. 

  1. Illegal Programs Are Punishable by Law

Don’t violate copyrights or the law will punish you for this. In this case, you will have to pay a fine starting from $1,500. 

  • Lagging of Programs

I don’t think you want to get annoyed when editing your photos. Programs downloaded from torrent have “broken” source codes which leads to different errors and lags. Avoid creating a disaster out of your picture editing routine. 

  • Technical Support Won’t Be Helpful

One day it may happen that you start the program but the tools you need don’t respond or start disappearing at all. What would you do in this case? Usually, in such situations, we ask Customer Support for help. But it doesn’t work with illegal programs. The employees of the official website will refuse to solve your problem. In this way, you will have to deal with your issue yourself. 

Adobe Lightroom torrent version can lead to all mentioned above problems as well, so think properly before downloading it and consider other variants of getting Lightroom.

Lightroom Alternatives 

All these Lightroom free alternatives show practically the same photo color correction, basic features of picture editing and image management functions. Just choose the software you like, use its free trial version or download the photo editor for free.  

1. Raw Therapee

It is one of the main competitors of Lightroom which combines a large number of presets for image color correction and its management. Besides, Raw Therapee is a Lightroom free open source alternative. Users can manually correct errors and minor flaws instead of waiting for the next full update. Raw Therapee allows you to conveniently manage libraries, organize photos, edit and remove minor defects.

2. Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar logo

Skylum Luminar is a program that has professional tools focused on easy picture management. Luminar 2019 provides new filters, faster speed of operation, a special module to edit RAW files, and a platform for digital content management. 

Also, it offers a new intelligent sunlight filter, supports LUT and carries out real-time noise removal which users will like for sure. This software provides automatic color correction of lens distortion, an enhanced tool for RAW files conversion, multi-level image editing, a lot of presets that can be used in a matter of a click. You can use it both as a fully-functional photo editor and a plug-in for Lightroom or Photoshop.

3. Polarr

polarr logo

Polarr is Adobe Lightroom free alternative with a convenient interface that allows you to perform not only basic image retouching but also to carry out a professional color correction, create and manage libraries. I would like to mention that a free version of this picture editor doesn’t support RAW files.

Besides other tools, this image editor will be perfect for artists or web developers as it has a separate interface developed specifically for such purposes. There you will find about twenty customizable brushes, ready-to-use shapes, and different tools. I like that Polarr supports different plug-ins which means that its functionality can also be expanded. To know the latest technology updates bookmark these sites.

Read more about how to edit photos in Lightroom like professionals. 


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