How To Enable Fingerprint Gestures on Any Android Phone [Hidden Trick]

Hello guys, this article is about enable fingerprint gestures on any android phone. Today I will share a hidden trick to install fingerprint sensor on any android phone. There is a secret and hidden app to enable fingerprint gestures on 6.0 marshmallow devices or any other android phone. So guys, sit relax and you will have fingerprint sensor in your current and old mobile also. But I want to clear that this trick is for rooted android phone only, if you have non-rooted phone, you can root your android easily. Recently, Google pixel had this fingerprint gestures in Google pixel X.

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What is Fingerprint Gesture

Fingerprint sensor is a new type of security that works perfectly to secure android mobile from unauthorized access. But fingerprint sensor is pre-installed in android phone and works smoothly there. Some android users want fingerprint sensor for their old android phone and they can’t install fingerprint sensor. So, here is a trick with an android app that works like fingerprint sensor is called fingerprint gestures.

Once you have installed fingerprint gestures in your android phone, you can swipe your notifications up and down with this gestures. You can easily click you selfies, scoll screen up and down and much more with this. There are many app on Google Play Store or web to facilitate these features but mostly apps are fake and annoying ads only. So I will share a working method for your android device to enable fingerprint gestures.

How To Enable Fingerprint Gestures on any Android Phone

 I want to tell you again that this method is working fine in android 6.0 marshmallow devices and above. But there is a less chances for other android versions. One thing is that your android phone must be rooted for this trick. If you have these conditions fulfilled, please follow below steps and you will get your enabled fingerprint gestures on your android phone.

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Step by Step Guide to Enable Fingerprint Gestures

  • First of all, download a 3rd party android application from below links –

  • Install it and open this app in your android phone.
  • Now, click on enable fingerprint gesture at top right corner.
  • Now, go to phone’s main setting and select accessibility.
  • Turn ON fingerprint gestures in accessibility.
  • Go back to Fingerprint gestures app and configure your setting and options as you want.

If you have selected all features and options, you can use your android phone smoothly with this fingerprint gestures. You can scroll up or down your phone screen and you can more things with this app. Really it will give you a better experience. If you don’t like the above app you can download one another app that is Fingerprint Quick Action but this app may have some issues with your android phone.

Enable Fingerprint Gestures For Rooted Phone

  • If you have a rooted android phone then you are able to do more things with this app. For this, you have to allow root permissions to this fingerprint app.
  • Now you can use its more features like Scroll down, Scroll Up Sleep Device, Power Button, Toggle Panel and much more with this app.

Download Fingerprint Gestures

Download Now

Last words – If you really want to enable fingerprint gestures on your android phone, must follow above method to enjoy this feature on your old android device. I recommend you to root your android phone to enjoy more powerful features of this app. If you have any query, just drop a comment below and you will get a reply soon.