A simple trick with a script code to disable adblock or enable / display Ads for Adblock Users 

The AdBlock is the extensions for every web browser that disables ads from all sites and supply a user to surf net without any ads. Since, the Adblock can hide your blog’s ads too which is able to be little down fall in your earning. And publisher is also getting failure to reach maximum visitors on a blog.

How To Enable Ads for Adblock Users:

Here is script code that will help you to display your ads on adblocker users’ browser. Kindly read steps carefully-

1) Copy the below script code (TextArea Script):

2) Now, paste your default ad code and one alternative ad code (alternative ad is for adblock users) in the above script. And put this full script code there, where you want to put your ads in any article or page. 

You are all done!

Note- Only 1 ad will be visible from above both ad codes

Remember– It waits for 4-5 seconds after page being loaded and checks Iis the ad visible or not? If the ad is not visible, the script simply inject the banner or any other code at location of ad unit. If the ad is visible, then it will do nothing.

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