Do you know? you can download your data from the Google products you use, like Gmail, google calendar, search history, photos etc. In simple steps, you can create an archive of all your google data to keep offline for your records. There is full tutorial to download all google data fro your account and safety.

Download google data
Google announced that you can download an archive of all your search data with a little-known service called Google Takeout. Google Takeout is in trend since 2011. Google has been gradually adding products to Takeout, so now you can download your Google +1s post and blogs also.

How To Download Google Account Data
1) To download your Google data, you first need to access your account settings. Click your user profile button in the top-right corner of your Google account and click “Account.” Or Access directly from below links-

2) On “Account settings” page, scroll down to “Account tools” and then click on “Download data.”

Download data

3) Select “Products” to download by selecting them.
Product selection

Note- If you want to download specific Google products only, you can go through and select each one product which you want to download.
Note- Some products have further options under their “Details.”
Select or deselect

For Bloggers– If you have multi blogs, just click on the item and it will expand to show you more options.

Creating and Downloading Your Archive

The proceeding page will tell you how many product you’ve selected, and then let you customize your download format.

If you want to archive everything in ZIP format, then you will have no problem in opening it on any computer system.

Once you’ve made your choices, click “Create archive” and it will be prepared just for you.

Create or manage archieve

When your archive is ready, you will receive an email with a download link like this-

Download e-mail from google

Remember– If you go the Google Drive route, you can open the “Takeout” folder and find your new archive there.
Note, no matter the delivery method, you will still need to download your archive and open it on your computer to properly view and work with its contents.

If you open the “index.html” file, it will show you when the archive was completed, how many products it comprises, and how much space it occupies.

By this tutorial, you can easily download all your google account data with some simple steps. You can download any product or multiple products’ data which relates your account. Now you can access your offline data, anytime, anywhere.

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