How To Download Amazon Video – Prime Downloader for Android, PC and iOS

Amazon has made some waves by being the first subscription-based streaming service to make it’s content available for offline viewing on Android and iOS. This is great for those times when you want to watch something and don’t have an Internet connection, or are on a limited data plan. It feels very frustrating when we are watching a video and it continues to be buffered, so today we are providing you the method about how to download Amazon video to mobile and PC so that you can enjoy videos even when you don’t have an internet connection or you are in airplane mode.

Download Amazon Prime Video
Download Amazon Prime Video

What you need is – Download Amazon Video App

Before you opt to follow up with the procedure of downloading any video, you should be an Amazon Prime subscriber which is $99/year. And you’ll also need the Amazon Video app installed on your Android or iOS device.

Download Amazon Video App Android or iOS 

Here, we are going to tell you the method to download amazon prime videos, it will work on both Android and iOS because the app user interface is almost the same.

  1. Firstly, you need to download the Amazon video app (Amazon Prime Video) on your smartphone. Then after installing the app, complete the Sign-in or SignUp process using Amazon prime account, make sure you already subscribed prime. Here we are providing you the links to download the apps.
Amazon Prime Video for Android
Amazon Prime Video for iOS

2.  Before start downloading any video, firstly you need to change a few basic settings. Go to Settings >> Stream & Download. Here you can set your video steam quality and download Quality. The default download Quality Settings will be Always Ask, you can change it to Data Saver to Best. If you have the average internet connection then choose the Good one or if you’re using the high-speed internet then choose Best.

3. Now the settings part is over. Now you need to go to the homepage of the app and scroll through countless tv shows, movies, and videos. If it’s a TV show then you’ll able to see the download icon on the right side of the video. Or if it is a movie then check the download option below Watch Now option. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to find your movies and TV shows in the downloads section of the app

4. Also, additionally if you wish to delete the downloaded tv shows and movies then you can go to Menu >> downloads and remove the videos which you don’t need anymore.

Download Amazon Video App For PC

There are numerous methods to download Amazon video to PC, some of them are

1. Download Amazon Video to PC by Using PlayOn Software

PlayOn is an awesome tool that helps you to download and record online streaming videos on your PC. It’s similar to working of DVR for TV, you can record and save Amazon video as.MP4 Files to the hard drive on your PC. PlayOn isn’t Free you need to pay for it.

Step 1: Download PlayOn Software on your Windows PC. Now open Software and go to the channel option and select Amazon Prime and log in with your Amazon Prime account details.

Step 2: Now go to your favorite Tv shows or movie and click on the record button to download Amazon video to pc.

With this, you can get your favorite video on your PC. As we told you already, it’s paid and not everyone can afford to pay. So if you don’t want to pay, you can move to the next option to download the Amazon Prime video while watching.

2. Using Screen Recorder Software (For PC and Mac)

It is a simple method that allows you to save Amazon Video to your Local Hard Disk while watching them.

Step 1: Download Screen recorder software. ‘Snagit’ is one of the screen recorder software that allows recording computer screen while performing some activity on PC. You can also try any other free screen recorder software other than it.

Step 2: First open Snagit software on PC  >> click on Video option >> Turn on System Audio and Turn Off Record Microphone option.

Step 3: Open the Amazon Prime Video site in a web browser, and log in to your Amazon account using your credentials. Now search for your favorite TV Show, movie, or video that you want to download.

Step 4: Now, firstly press the ‘Print Screen’ button to start capturing. Snagit software allows to record specific screen so select video playing area and it will start recording. When the recording starts, ‘play the video’ and when the video complete, press Shift + F9 to stop recording or you can also use the Snagit icon.

Step 5: When you will stop recording, the Snagit video editor window will appear, here you can crop the video if you want. Else go to the file menu and use the save option to save the video to watch later.

So, These are all possible ways to download Amazon Video to mobile and PC. You can use the Amazon Prime Video app for Android and iOS & can use PlayOn or Snagit software for PC. Hope this article will help to save your Amazon videos offline and enjoy watching them offline.

Also, if you want to know more about the latest movies update on Amazon Prime Video, you can follow Movie-Rater. In fact, as soon as the movie is uploaded on Amazon Prime Video, this platform updates about its availability.


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