Yes! This trick is about how to downgrade android version to Kitkat or Lollipop from Marshmallow. You can go back to Lollipop or Kitkat from Marshmallow with this trick. You can easily downgrade Android 5.0 from Android 6.0 Marshmallow. You will lose your all data in your android mobile phone with this downgrade. Here is a complete guide to downgrade android version to Kitkat or Lollipop.

Downgrade Android Version To Lollipo or Kitkat

How To Uninstall Marshmallow – Install Kitkat or Lollipop
As we know smartphone users want to gets android version updates asap. But sometime, an Android version doesn’t fit according to users need, so users want to downgrade android version back to Lollipop or Kitkat. Now, mostly smartphone users using marshmallow in android mobile but they want to uninstall Marshmallow and install Kitkat or Lollipop in the same device.

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Possibilities about Downgrade Android Version
  • Marshmallow (6.0) to Lollipop (5.1)
  • Marshmallow (6.0) to Kitkat (4.4)
  • Lollipop (5.1) to Kitkat (4.4)
  • Android N to Marshmallow (coming soon)
  • Android N to Lollipop (coming soon)

Why Downgrade Marshmallow To Lollipop or Kitkat
  • General battery drain
  • Mobile data issues
  • Charging problems 
  • Not connecting to PC
  • Wi-Fi battery drain
  • Wi-Fi connectivity problems
  • Stability issues
  • Installation problems
  • Insufficient storage available

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    How To Downgrade Android Version to Lollipop or Kitkat
    Here is a complete guide to Downgrade your mobile android version Marshmallow to Kitkat or Lollipop. 
    Note –  Please follow each step carefully. If you don’t get the point, please make a comment below but don’t do anything wrong with your mobile.
    Guide to Downgrade android Marshmallow
    • Download Android SDK in your Windows PC/Laptop.
    • Install The above software in your Desktop/Laptop.
    • Now, right click on ‘My Computer‘ > ‘Properties‘.
    • Now choose ‘Advanced System Settings‘ at left side.
    • Click on ‘System Properties‘ => ‘Advanced’.
    • Choose ‘Environment Variables‘ and click on ‘Path‘ => Edit.
    • Enter the full path where you installed Android SDK in your PC or Laptop. Path will look like this – C:Program FilesAndroidSDK
    • Now, get your android mobile phone into your hand.
    • Open its main ‘Settings’ > ‘About Phone > Build number.
    • Click on 5 times on ‘Builder Number’.
    • Now, go back to main setting and find Developer Tools.
    • Mark TIK on Debugging Option.
    Downgrade Android Marshmallow to Lollipop or Kitkat in NEXUS Device
    If you have a Nexus device with Marshmallow android version and you want to downgrade Marshmallow to Lollipop or Kitkat, please read this GUIDE to downgrade. You can easily downgrade your Nexus Android Version with the help of above guide. Go through the above link or click here.

    How To Download Android Kitkat or Lollipop Version For Samsung, HTC, Sony, Micromax and many more
    • Download Android Version in your windows PC or Laptop.
    • Now, make a connection between your Android phone and your PC or Laptop via USB cable.
    • Shut down your Android Mobile Phone and press  Power Button + Volume Down + Home screen button.
    Note –  Press Home Button if you have it in your Android Mobile Phone, otherwise press Power Button + Volume Down.
    • Your Android Mobile Phone will start to boot in ‘Recovery Mode
    • Use your Volume Buttons to move up and down and select above downloaded file.
    • Finally, install your desired Android Version into your Android Mobile Phone.

    Last Words – All the above tricks and methods are working and tested by us. You can easily Downgrade Android Version to Lollipop or Kitkat with these methods. If you have any problem to Go Back To Android 5.0 or From 6.0 Marshmallow, please make a comment below, we will try to resolve your issue asap.

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