How To Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently

Telegram is cloud-based messaging software and application service. It is the messaging app that provides end-to-end encryption to keep your messages safe and secure. Telegram app is the most used app in the world. Recently we have seen that there are some privacy issues in Whatsapp, at that time most people switching to other safer chatting apps. At the same time, they found that Telegram is safer than other apps. The best part of Telegram is you can add nearly 2,00,000 people in a single group.

Telegram has faced many security issues in the past. The issues like metadata leaks, hacker attacks, etc. In the year 2017, hackers spread malware to Windows computers using Telegram. Most of the organizations felt that Telegram is unsafe. But Telegram is still quite secure than other apps. But people are switching to other security apps.

The users of Telegram can delete their messages without any notification to the other party they are chatting with. Here the users have less control over their conversations and it could facilitate manipulation, because the person with whom you are chatting may alter the chat content by deleting your messages. The Telegram app uses a proprietary messaging security protocol called MTProto. The security and reliability have not been fully proved. The open-source version of Telegram has not been provided, based on this Numerous cryptographists criticized that Telegram has not had enough security. 

If you are using the Telegram app and you want to uninstall the Telegram app permanently or temporarily then you are at the right place. Telegram web also allows users to sync their mobile app of Telegram to the Desktop or PC version. Users can send and receive messages through it. But you have to remember that once you delete the app, you will lose your chats, contacts, groups, etc. You can’t even get them back after reinstallation. In the Telegram app, there is no delete option, the user has to do it on the web browser. Here we provide a step-by-step guide to uninstall the Telegram app.

How to Delete Telegram 

Step1: First login to your Telegram account on your device and then choose settings.

Step2: Then choose Privacy & Security.

Telegram settings

Step3: There you find “Delete my account if I’m away for”, here you set time for 1 month,3 months,6 months, or 1 year.

If you do not use your Telegram account even one time within the period of time set by you, then your telegram account will be deleted permanently.

How to Delete Telegram Manually

Step1: First you need to go to the “Telegram Deactivation page” on any web browser based on your choice. You can choose any version like the Desktop version or Mobile version, based upon your convenience.

Step2: Enter your mobile number which you have used to login Telegram account, enter your number in a prescribed format (International format)

Step3: You will get a message with a confirmation code to the number you enter(if you enter the correct number)

Step4:  Now enter the confirmation code, then click on the sign-in button

Step5: After that, the page will ask you why you want to leave the Telegram, this is not a mandatory field, either you can point your reasons for quitting or you can proceed by leaving the page empty, and click Done

Step6: After you click on Done you will see a warning popup Are you sure? by clicking the Yes, Delete My Account button, your account is deleted.

How to Export Data from telegram

If you are going to uninstall or delete any app, and the data in that app is useful when you export the data. Similarly, you can use the data( chats, contacts, etc.) in Telegram. Follow the steps below to export data from Telegram

Step1: First you need to open the Telegram Desktop and then choose “settings”

Step2: Then choose “ Export Telegram Data”

Step3: Now you can select the data that you would like to export like you can choose the chat history.

Step4: at last you can view your complete Telegram data offline.