How to Decorate Your Home With Plants

Home With Plants

Bring nature indoors by adding plants that add lush color and texture to your decor. They look especially beautiful when placed on windowsills for maximum effect.

Arrange vines over a bar cart for an updated bohemian feel in your entryway. Plants also make excellent additions to shelving ideas or as part of mantel decor. Home improvement provider offering custom windows and doors in Canada can help you choose the perfect style to liven up your space. Purchase in a combination of shapes and sizes for a more organic look.


As you browse home decor magazines and Pinterest for design inspiration, a design element you might miss is houseplants – versatile, cost-effective ways of adding greenery into living spaces.

Window plant shelves provide the ideal solution for those short on space but looking to add greenery into their home. These shelves are specifically designed to hold multiple houseplants or flowers easily and quickly – plus many are constructed out of clear material so you can show off your greenery!

If space for window plant shelves is tight, consider using locker-style shelves instead of window plant shelves to organize houseplants. These tall shelves provide enough support for most houseplants while remaining thin enough not to take over your window frame. Stack multiple plants together to add contrast and movement – and remember the interior design “rule of three”, as odd numbers look more attractive!

For a professional installation, contact the team of Ottawa replacement window company to make sure your window plant shelves are securely attached and will remain stable over time.


Fill unused corners and spaces with plants to transform them into lush living displays. Large plants work especially well when placed near windows that provide light. Plus, massing several together looks amazing as seen here with this heart-leaf philodendron and mistletoe cactus wall display!

Hanging planters are having a moment, not just in bathrooms and bedrooms but throughout a room or home office as well. Use hanging planters to brighten the room and make long days spent at your desk less monotonous.

Modernize this farmhouse-inspired wall of greenery using ring brackets and white pots for an updated take. Incorporate a variety of plants for contrast and movement, while adding pops of color via blue-and-green hued vases that match walls. When done, place clippings into small bud vases so as to propagate and keep plants alive!


Home decor magazines and Pinterest can make it challenging to find stylish yet affordable design solutions, so plants are an excellent solution that add texture and nature into the room – plus many health benefits!

Shelving units provide an ideal setting to display plants as they provide a natural backdrop for books, art work and knick-knacks. When interior decorating with plants it’s important to remember less is more; overdoing it may result in your house filled with dead plants! For optimal results invest in some easy-care plants and learn the care process for each one before buying more of these types.

Large floor plants like cacti and indoor palms look beautiful when placed against a wall, providing an interesting alternative to hanging artwork and giving the room an air of boho chicness.


Plants add vibrancy and life to tables, whether you prefer tropical blooms such as fiddle leaf figs or an easy-care succulent with decorative vases lining its base. Green is versatile enough to match virtually every decor style or paint hue imaginable!

Layer plants on a shelf for an instant visual impact in any room, adding height and depth. For an easy vignette that requires minimal upkeep, select small potted plants of various heights or cacti and succulents as shown here.

If you’re uncertain of how to decorate with plants, start by filling empty corners and spaces. Plants can transform dull nooks into inviting seating or reading areas; or use them as framing artwork and adding depth to a gallery wall. Or opt for striking plants like Philodendrons or Burle Marx Calatheas as dramatic focal points on your dining table!