How To Decorate A Rented Property Without Making Any Expensive, Permanent Changes?

Decorate A Rented Property

Renting property can certainly afford you a great deal of freedom, but it’s not without restriction. For example: if you plan to rent a property for several years, you’ll want to make it more like home despite being unable to make any permanent changes to the property. So, what can you do to decorate your rented space and make it feel more your own? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know… 

1. Invest in some houseplants! 

Indoor plants are an amazing way of bringing some life into your home (literally), adding some colour, and making it feel more like your own home. You can introduce a wide variety of natural colours and textures while energising your space, creating clean oxygen, and enjoying a wealth of other amazing physical and mental health benefits

2. Add some colour to the walls 

While you will definitely need to consult with your landlord before adding any paint to the walls, in many cases they might be open to allowing you to change up the colour scheme. If not, you can always explore the ‘peel and stick’ wallpaper varieties which can easily be removed when you do decide to move on. 

You should also buy some pictures and artwork that you can hang from your walls, thus giving the space some energy and making it more in line with your own personality and tastes. 

3. Buy a beautiful rug 

If you have some spare cash and you’ve found a beautiful rug that you feel would bring a great deal of warmth and style to your rented property, we say go for it! You don’t need your landlord’s permission and it can easily be removed and taken with when it comes to moving on. Not only that but in countries like Thailand, buying rugs and wooden furniture is significantly cheaper than most western countries. 

4. Get your hands on some stylish light fixtures 

While you certainly don’t want to spend too much money on re-optimising the lighting scheme of your rented property, it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a few stylish lamps and other light fixtures. Something as subtle as hanging some fairy lights in your living area can really freshen it up and add some mood lighting for those evenings spent in with a glass of wine on the sofa! 

5. Go for multi-functional furniture 

Particularly if you are renting an unfurnished property, you should opt for multi-functional furniture. Things like sofas that double up as beds and foot-stools that have internal storage can make a huge difference in a rented space. 

6. Look for a finished property that is aesthetically ideal for you 

Of course, there is a far easier alternative that requires very little work at all: opt for a rental property that is already aesthetically pleasing to you. The Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok has some great examples of beautiful rental units that are perfect as they are.