How to Create a Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

How important is your corporate identity?

For starters, companies with poorly defined identities pay 10% more in salaries. It makes it harder and more expensive to reach their target markets.

With a structured corporate identity, your company will be able to have a clear and consistent message. People will remember your brand and become more likely to make a purchase.

You don’t have to lose more business and struggle to get good employees anymore. Just keep reading to learn how to create a strong corporate identity.

What Is a Corporate Identity?

Before we dive in, it helps to understand what a corporate identity really is. It’s more than a logo and a bunch of visuals.

A corporate identity defines who you are as a company. It defines your values and priorities. A strong corporate identity is the public persona of your company.

It’s how you connect with customers, vendors, and potential employees.

A business identity that’s shown consistently will help you attract customers and employees alike. They should be able to relate to your business and remember it.

Creating a Business Identity

You’ll look to the past to create your future. A strong corporate identity has a story. This can be the story of how your business started.

Look at your mission and vision statements. Try to find the common threads or themes in them.

If you find a common point, that’s the core of your corporate identity.

You’ll also want to take into account how people perceive your company. Research the competition so you know how to set your business apart.

Once you find some common themes, turn to the future again. Where do you see your business in 10 years? Do you see it staying the same or as a market leader?

You want your corporate identity to last for years. You may need to make minor changes to the brand, but you don’t want to do a complete overhaul unless it’s necessary.

The Visual Identity

Once you know what your corporate identity is, you can create visuals to support it. Don’t go with something because you think it looks good.

The visuals tell an important story about your company. Colors, fonts, shapes, and icons all have a way of communicating something.

Orange tells people that your brand is energetic, while people tend to trust blue. Fonts tell people if your brand is playful and childlike or if it’s modern and elegant.

Sketch out a few ideas and get input from people within your organization. Get an agreement and you’ll be able to make it public.

Put the corporate identity on your website, marketing materials, and name badges. You’ll have a consistent business identity that reflects what your business is truly about.

Building a Strong Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is necessary if you want to create relationships with your employees and customers.

Know what your company is about and find the main story. From there, you’ll be able to create a visual identity that reflects your business.

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