How to Cope With Your College Roommate

How to Cope With Your College Roommate

Going to college is a pivotal part of any one’s life. That is where you go to get the education that you need to make something of your of the most critical aspects of the college experience is who you will be sharing your living space with your roommate. Below in this article, we will find How to Cope With Your College Roommate. 

Since you are probably going to live with people with different cultures, upbringing, and perspectives, here’s how to cope with your college roommate.

Be Realistic

Lots of college movies have sold the idea of roommates (roomies) that get along so well with each other that they become Siamese twins. However, that’s not how it always is in real life. Not all roomies will become best of friends with you. In fact, they need not be.

What is important is that your relationship is pleasant enough not to interfere with your comfort, peace of mind, and ultimately your studies. Once you understand this, you become better positioned to cope well with your roommate. 

Here’s some advice for folks at the University of Texas dorms: Get to know your roommate. Aim at being friendly yet don’t be too eager to please.

Welcome Change

No two people are alike. So it would help if you were open to the new experiences that your roommate will provide, given their different background. That’s part of your education: getting new experiences and learning new things about life and people in general. You will need to apply this advice especially if you plan on staying in the University of Texas dorms which houses all sorts. 

Negotiate Boundaries Early

While being open to change, there should be reasonable limits to the concessions you can make or the habits that you should tolerate. That’s why you need to allocate boundaries with your roommate early on.

Discuss and negotiate everything from hygiene to phones, bathroom habits, study habits, visitors, and even volume of the music. Your negotiations will allow you to find a middle ground for your differences in tastes and habits. It is essential that this is done early as it sets the course of your ongoing relationship.

 Communication is King

 You should learn to communicate well with your roommate. Use the right tone and body language that clearly gets your message across. Proper communication helps with addressing the issues that will arise.

As they say, rules are meant to be broken. Yes, although you agree on certain boundaries and such, there are bound to be breaches and intermittent infractions. This is where effective communication is important. Bring up any such breaches immediately. This saves you the stress and tension of piling them all in. This doesn’t mean you should be overtly confrontational.

Not expressing yourself will lead to passive-aggressive behavior that would generate resentment and bad experiences. In other to nip potential problems in the bud, speak up instead of avoiding confrontation or drama.

Coping with your roommate is just one aspect of the college experience. Campus Reel offers a one-stop info hub for all college-related matters in the University of Texas as well as a peep at what the dorms look like. So you can always get tips and info that will help you navigate college.


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