Xfinity WiFi Login Trick – Connect an iPad to XFINITY WiFi (2018 Update)

Comcast’s Xfinity WiFi Login helps over a million people around the country to keep you connected to the internet. But there is a limit to access Comcast’s Xfinity wifi, only those users can access this wifi who are authorized or have login id or username and passwords to login to the xfinity wifi page. If you don’t have login username or password, please read this article. So guys, I will share some simple steps to connect iPad to Xfinity WiFi with some simple steps. So let’s start…


How To Connect iPad to Xfinity WiFi Login

It is so simple as well as connecting with an open wifi but only one limitation is that we need to have a valid username and password to start browsing with xfinity wifi. You can buy this username and password by going to it’s official website or visiting its store. We highly recommend you to download Xfinity wifi app in your Android / iOS / iPhone to access all services at convenience cost.

Requirements for Connecting to Xfinity WiFi

  • Xfinity WiFi hotspot nearby you.
  • Apple iPad or iPhone.
  • Xfinity WiFi username & password.

Simple Steps to Connect iPad to Xfinity WiFi

So guys, if you have all above things, you can easily connect your iPad to Xfinity wifi with below simple steps. Please read all steps carefully then do same –

  1. Please open Setting app in your iPad.
  2. Now, please make sure that you have a Xfinity wifi hotspot nearby you.
  3. Open WiFi setting in your Setting tab.
  4. Please find an Xfinity_wifi in all available wifi devices.
  5. Tap on Xfinity_wifi and wait for connecting to wifi.
  6. Now, go to menu and find Safari browser.
  7. Open Safari app and then you will be asked to enter Comcast email address and password.
  8. Please enter all valid details and type the letters (captcha).
  9. Click on Sign In.
  10. Done! now, you can start your browsing with Xfinity wifi in your iPad.

Last Words to Connect iPad to Xfinity WiFi Login – So guys, I have shared full steps to connect your iPad to an Xfinity wifi if you have all valid username and password also. If you don’t have, don’t worry, read our article to bypass xfinity wifi username and password login page.