HowToCrazy is here with a short and simple trick that is How to Connect Facebook Page(s) or Profile to a Twitter  Account‘. It seems very difficult to connect both account with each other, but it is too simple, we make it very easy to connect a facebook page to a twitter account by following steps. Just follow this article to connect your profiles.

Connect Facebook To Twitter

How To Connect Facebook Page(s) or Profile to a Twitter Account

To connect both accounts with each other, Just follow below steps, don’t worry, its too simple with HowToCrazy…

Step 1)  Login to your facebook accountby  Click Here (New Tab).

Step 2)  Now, to connect your account to twitter, click on the link- Click Here (New Tab).

Step 3) After that you will see your facebook profile and all facebook pages that you manage.

Step 4) Click on ‘Link To Twitter‘.

LInk To Twitter
Link to twitter
Step 5) Click on ‘Authorize App‘.

Authorize app
Authorize app

Step 6) Click on ‘Save changes
Save Changes
Save Changes

You Are all Done!

Note- Now you can connect other pages to your twitter account also.

By above tutorial, you can easily connect any facebook account to any twitter account and you can connect multiple facebook pages to  single twitter account. we hope it is make you crazy…

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