How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Beer

How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Beer
How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Beer

Pairing your beer with the right glass is crucial. It plays an integral part in making sure that people are drinking your beer and you are in turn ranking in the sales. Branding and presentation are only part of making sure that this happens. The other part is choosing the right glass shape. The three glassware secrets discussed here will give you a head start in making your brew the go-to choice. Below in this article, we will cover the How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Beer.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Glass for Your Beer

1. Consider Using Stemmed Glass 

When you brew your beer, you know it deserves a pedestal, and there is nothing that puts it there better than a stemmed glass. This beer glassware will lift your beer of the table and set it above others. Whether you use a stemmed goblet, snifter, or tulip glass, your beer will get the perfect visual presentation. 

Stemmed glasses are especially great when you want to emphasize your beer’s aroma and vivid color. These glasses are not for strong aromatic beers alone. They are also great for pilsners and lagers in equal measure. They give your beer light, showcasing color, clarity as well as enough carbonation. 

2. Use Laser Etching to Maintain Foamy Head 

Customers drink by sight as much as they do by taste and smell. You want them to be in no hurry to finish the beer so they can savor every sip with enjoyment. Retaining a foamy head is vital in optimizing the tasting experience. 

When this is your aim, go for tulip-shaped glasses and shelf goblets. This unique beer glassware is by design better at retaining heat. The secret to longer head is also in the laser etching, which is on the inside bottom of the glass. The process often referred to as nucleation, accelerates the release of carbon dioxide in your beer. Nucleation increases effervescence, which boosts your beer aroma and flavor, ultimately prolonging head.

3. Design a Glass to Represent Your Beer 

Your beer is as unique as the glass you serve it in, and sometimes to capture the unique complexities of your brew, you need unique beer glassware to match. Designing a glass allows you to promote your brand in a glass that also promotes you. This is the advantage of glass decoration. Be careful to choose a design that will make your brand stand up and your beer enjoyable. The risk is having a great design that makes enjoying your beer impossible. 


The good news is you don’t have to design glass from scratch. Instead, you can choose the right design for your beer and have your brand imprinted in the glass. This will allow you to raise your brew’s glass while maintaining taste, smell, and head. 

Your brew deserves a glass to match, so take your time to choose a great design to accompany your beer. You can custom glassware and taste experts to help you determine which glass will best fir your beer before you send it out to the market. 


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