How to Choose the Right Bollards for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Bollards for Your Business
How to Choose the Right Bollards for Your Business

Bollards are the silent “heroes” of the town. They help control traffic flow, stand guard against speeding vehicles, promote business and property protection, and improve public safety. However, choosing the right bollards can be tricky. Below in this article, we cover the information about How to Choose the Right Bollards for Your Business.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right type of bollards for your business.

Material Used

From traditional cast-iron to stainless steel, many options are available when trying to choose the best material for bollards.

Though the materials used to build the bollards not necessarily can make or break the business, they can be helpful to narrow down the variety of choices.

Here are some examples of materials to choose from.

  1. Polymer. Polymer bollards have a non-rusting exterior and resistance to corrosive acids. They are an excellent choice for high saline areas such as the coastal areas.
  2. Stainless steel. Bollards made from stainless steel have a sleek modern design and are resistant to water. They are a great choice for urban areas and places with heavy footfall like the train station.
  3. Concrete. Concrete bollards are made up of resistant materials and are sturdy. They are an ideal choice for any domestic and public settings.
  4. Timber. Timber bollards have an organic feature. They are suitable in rural areas and are better suited for domestic use.

Purpose and Usage of Bollards

The primary factor to look into when buying a bollard is to know what the bollard is used for and where it’ll be placed. The following are some common uses of bollards and what’s best for them:

  1. Protect buildings and electrical areas and generators. Permanently installed bollards are often used for this purpose, such as the steel pipe bollards. Steel pipe bollards are the strongest type of bollard and can prevent storefront crashes.

 2. Restrict vehicle access. Areas that provide access to authorized vehicles only such as during special events can use removable bollards. These bollards can be placed together with fixed steel pipe bollards as removable bollards are light and can’t withstand heavy traffic impact.

3. Traffic control in parking lots. The best bollards for this purpose would be the flexible bollards which can promote safety but at the same time can reduce vehicle damage. Usually, they are placed at the head of the parking lot.

4. Street use. Concrete, stainless steel, polymer bollards can be suitable for urban reformation and new build plans. Shallow foundation bollard that only needs 14-inches deep foundation can be placed on streets, roadways, and sidewalks in urban areas.

5. Protect high-target buildings from vehicular attack. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) introduces a standard crash rating that measures the vehicle penetration of different types of vehicles. Bollards that are tested and rated are called crash rated bollards while those that are not tested and have unknown stopping power are called unrated bollards.

Buildings or locations that have a high risk of getting vehicular attack and threat may need to consider using crash rated bollards that can provide the most secure protection.

6. Military facilities and embassies. For sensitive locations that need a high amount of protection, high-security bollard that can withstand high-velocity of vehicles would be the ideal choice. They can be installed both as fixed or retractable bollards.


Some materials cost more than the others. Choose bollards that offer cost-effective solutions that require less maintenance. Concrete bollards are cost-effective bollards which can provide reliable security installation. On the other hand, polymer bollards have low maintenance and low lifetime cost.

There are many factors to consider to choose a bollard for the business. Many people have their own ways of How to if you have any feel free to put it in the comment section below. Also, there are many geek kinds of stuff that you can see.


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