Is Your Website or Blog Mobile Friendly?
SEO Optimized? 
SEO Requires Mobile Friendly Websites. Here is a simple trick, check your website now…

Is Your Website or Blog Mobile Friendly?
Mobile Friendly Test

Hello EveryOne, today i am going to write a very simple but most  important SEO trick to “check your website is mobile friendly or not“. Today i will provide a simple step’s guide to check your website’ status on mobile devices. It is a very important for SEO because todays most of the websites are running on mobile devices so it is necesssary to display your content  clearly to all devices such as mobile devices and desktop also. let’s check your website’s status… 

How To Check A Website is Mobile Friendly or Not –

1. Firstly go to Google Webmaster Mobile Friendly Checker page.

2. Enter your website URL in text field.

3. Click on ANALYZE.

You will find your website’s status about its mobile friendly (see image).

Is Your Website or Blog Mobile Friendly?
Mobile Friendly Page

By above steps, you can easily check your website’s status that it is mobile friendly or not? If your website is not mobile friendly, i suggest you to make changes in your designing for seo optimization.

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