How To Change Your Twitter Handle and Username

How To Change Your Twitter Handle and Username

It is important and necessary to change a few things in your Twitter handle at some point in time. You might want to edit your profile display picture, or your bio so that you have maximum followers. Some are thinking to change their banner too.

Changing a few things in your Twitter handle can attract more followers. It will throw new light on your previous and new followers in your account.

Though bringing any changes to your account indicates some sort of transformation in your account. For example, changing your display picture attracts a new type of content to your account. Even if you do a few edits here and there in your bio sometimes shows achievement in your Twitter journey.

However, your Twitter username and Twitter handle are no exception. You should change these things wisely not only to attract new followers but also to increase your content information.

4 tips to help you to know

Keeping it Simple

Keeping a simple user name will help you to increase the number of followers. It will enable other people to direct the content relevant to you. However, keeping weird names won’t take you further.

Brand Building

When you create a stronger username, you are creating a username for yourself. You might lose potential followers if you bring changes every time. This will affect your brand building. Your name carries everything about you and people will recognize you through this name. It will attract the attention of valuable content and followers.

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Creating a powerful name in your Twitter handle is the first thing your followers will look into it. So, if you create a strong name will make you stand out from the rest of the people on Twitter.

How Can You Change Your Twitter Handle on Mobile?

For this purpose, you need to open the Twitter app on your mobile. Then bring up the menu left on your screen.

  • Select ‘Settings’.

  • Then pick your ‘Account, tap ‘Username’.

  • Edit the username of your choice, and tap “Save”.

You have now changed your username successfully and people will find it difficult to find you through your old Twitter handle.

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How To Change Your Display Name

You have to click the above sliding menu and pull up your profile page on your Twitter account. To change your Twitter display name, click on your name at the top of the sliding menu to bring up your profile page.

Here you can edit your bio, profile image, profile page, links, or any other information you want to showcase on your profile. While opening your profile page, you will see a page like this below.

  1. Tap on “edit profile” below your header.

  1. Edit the changes you want.

  1. You can now see the changes in your profile as per the editing you have done.

How Can You Change Your Twitter Handle and Username on Desktop?

It is very easy to change your Twitter handle and username on both mobile and desktop. If you want to make any editing in your display name or username, then follow the below simple steps.

  1. At first, you need to click on “More” in your Twitter account which you will find in the Control Panel to the left of your screen. A message will pop-up on your screen. (Refer to the picture below)

  1. Choose “Settings and Privacy”.
  2. Then click on “Username”.

  1. You need to type the username of your choice, or even you can pick according to the suggestions available.
  2. Click “Save” to effect the changes.

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How To Change Your Display Name on PC?

The above process explains how to edit your Twitter handle. However, if you want to change your display name, then you have to repeat the same process. Go to Control Panel, click on “Profile” as shown below.

  1. While you are on the profile page, simply click on “Edit Profile’ for changing the username.
  2. Here you can edit your new display name.

The above window also allows you to change or add any other details you want to show on your profile page. Twitter also allows you to even add a new link, websites, or any other content of your choice. You could even add a link to a website or your content outside of Twitter in your profile.

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