How to Build Better Sales Relationships in the Produce Industry

Sales Relationships

As a produce distributor, your business’ success greatly depends on your ability to sell produce. Since selling produce relies on how you can relate with your customers and distributors, you must be able to build great relationships with them. In this article, we share tips and strategies that can help improve your sales relationships. 

Tips on how to improve your business sales relationship as a produce distributor

Make an effort to know your customers

This might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but many studies have shown that customers don’t choose you solely based on what you uniquely offer compared to the competition. A lot more factors come into play. One such factor is the relationship they share with you. 

Think about it for a bit. If it was just about the produce alone, they could always find that somewhere else. Now, this is not to say that all the effort you put into quality assurance isn’t useful; of course it is. But it takes more than simply having great products to keep customers committed to a business. It takes building a personal relationship.

By getting to know your customers, you build a stronger relationship with them. The stronger the relationship you share, the more likely they are to continue choosing you over the competition. It’s just like making a decision between buying products from a trusted friend and from a complete stranger; there’s no question about what your decision would be.

Build a positive reputation

While your customers might come back to you because of the relationship they share with you, having a negative reputation can also push them away. Then, there’s also the issue of potential customers. If your produce business has a bad reputation, even if you have the most loyal customers in the world, that customer base will not grow to its fullest potential.

Thankfully, building a positive reputation in the produce business is not so hard to do. The recipe is rather straightforward: define what you do and do it well. It’s that simple. 

Let your customers and the market know what produce and services you render, then make sure you meet expectations and surpass it. This way, your customers and the wider industry know what you do. They’re aware of what to expect when they come to you and that they will not leave disappointed. Upholding strict quality standards is a great way to achieve this.

Create value

The importance of creating value in the business world cannot be overemphasized. By creating value, we don’t just mean creating value in your customers. We mean potential customers and the entire market as a whole. 

The more value you create in customers, the more your produce business remains in their hearts. And once your business gets a place in their hearts, you become their go-to distributor when they need any of the products you offer.

Creating value isn’t hard to do either. It can be done in a variety of ways. A great way is through social media. Get in touch with your target audience and provide content that helps your customers and your community, not just content aimed at promoting your products. 

Appropriately answer questions your target audience has. You may find that not only will your customers trust and appreciate you more, but that they may be interested in doing business with you.

Strategies you can start employing today

Be transparent

As a produce distributor, you have your speciality. You have a particular portion of the market you’re targeting. Let the market know this beforehand. This helps keep expectations under control. 

This way, customers who come your way already know what you’re all about and what to expect. By extension, they’re most likely to be satisfied with the results of every encounter, and as such, keep coming back.

Listen to your customers

Customers are always leaving hints, some more obvious than others. Pick up on the clues. Listen to the comments and act on them. Are they complaining about some things? Take note and look for ways to improve their experience. Are they always requesting some produce you currently don’t offer? You should consider getting those as well. 

Are there certain pain points they keep calling your attention to? Find ways to help them fix the issue. When your customers notice that you’re paying attention, they are bound to tell you more, and in so doing, strengthen the relationship you share.

Establish a strong relationship from the beginning

As we stated earlier, your customers keep returning to you because of the relationship you share, not necessarily the quality of your products. So if you want to turn a new customer into a loyal one, you should establish a strong relationship from the very beginning. Be at your very best with every customer, especially new ones. Be as helpful as possible. Leave a lasting positive first impression that will stick with the customer for much longer than you might think.


Follow these simple tips and employ the strategies listed here, and you may find your produce business growing. Be sure to build a healthy sales relationship with both old and new customers. The more you build this relationship, the more your sales will develop. Good luck with your business ventures!