Top Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Rank on Alexa and Get More Traffic
A bloggers when starts his blog, then he starts to check his blog’s rank on alexa. Alexa rank is based on blog’s content, social engagement, online, daily updation and much more. Alexa updates any blog’s rank daily and also provude some other related information to that blog.
Alexa Rank

Some Important Tips to Boost up Your Blog’s Alexa Rank

1) Submit your website or blog to Alexa
Registering a free account is enough to verify your websites/blogs on Alexa. When you have verified your website or blog at Alexa, it is possible to include address of your company, that can improve the trustworthiness and profession your websites have. It’ll likewise be useful to get more advertisers, simply because they understand that you’re not a spammer. In case you haven’t verified your blog, I would recommend you to claim your site, mainly because it provides you with many benefits as you’re a webmaster or blogger.

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2. Install Alexa Toolbar on Your Web Browser
Alexa offers a toolbar via, it is possible to check the Alexa rank of the websites which you’re opened up in your web browser. Alexa toolbar gather details the hits on your website gets via the web browser, if your blog is opened up on that web browser in which Alexa toolbar is installed after that your blog Alexa ranking will increase in a short time.

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3. Write Daily On Your Blog
Write regularly for the blog and therefore will certainly allow you to increase your blog or website Alexa rank.I believe this is the main reason of this process to increase Alexa rank. You need to create one to three articles everyday if you’re a newbie in blogging profession. You’ll see the result that how quickly your Alexa ranking is improving. More blog posts means more traffic and increase in alexa ranking.

4. Share/Comments on Other Blogs
If you comment on the number of other blogs within your niche, it’s likely that they’ll return to your site and return the favor. This is actually the main technique I have tried personally to improve my Alexa ranking.

5. Promote Your Site on Social Media
Nowadays, 80% of this world is using social networking sites. Social media is a great way to increase your web traffic. Just make a fan page or group on social media and start posting things related to public interest and that should be pointed to your site also.

6. Use Alexa Rank Widget For Your Blog
You can put a alexa rank widget on your webpage. By showing Alexa rank widget on your blog or site, people may simply click it to find out more of your site’s traffic stats. So once anyone visits your site’s statistics of Alexa, it can count and so you will see an increment of the website’s Alexa ranking (Full Article is Here).

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