How to Be Prepared for Any Natural Disaster Emergencies

Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can strike at any time, and being prepared can make a significant difference in your ability to survive and recover from such an event. From hurricanes and earthquakes to floods and wildfires, there are steps you can take to be prepared for any natural disaster emergency.

Create an Emergency Plan

Develop a comprehensive emergency plan for you and your family. This plan should include evacuation routes, meeting places, and important contact information for emergency services and loved ones. Make sure to regularly review and practice this plan with your family members.

Stockpile Essential Supplies

Prepare an emergency kit that includes essential supplies such as water, non-perishable food, first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, and important documents. It’s also a good idea to have a supply of cash on hand, as ATMs and other electronic payment methods may not be available during a disaster. SHFTBASE has an extensive guide on their website on the specific things you can consider bringing along should a disaster come to your town or city.

Stay Informed

Aside from supplies, another important commodity to have during a disaster is information. Stay up to date with the latest weather and emergency alerts by signing up for local notifications and monitoring news outlets. Follow the instructions of emergency officials and evacuate immediately if advised to do so.

Protect Your Property

Protect your property by securing loose items such as outdoor furniture and trimming trees and shrubs. Make sure your home and any outbuildings are up to code and have proper reinforcement in case of a disaster. Consider purchasing flood or earthquake insurance, depending on your location and potential risks.

Practice Self-Care

During and after a natural disaster, it’s essential to take care of yourself and your loved ones’ mental and physical health. Stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and seek professional help if needed.

Volunteer and Donate

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, there are often opportunities to volunteer and donate to help those affected. Consider volunteering your time or donating to reputable organizations to support relief efforts.

Knowing Which Disaster and What to Do When It Happens

Your survival and everyone else’s near you will depend on the specific things you do when a specific disaster happens. Here are some tips on what to do when such disasters happen:


  • Stay informed of weather updates and evacuation orders.
  • Board up windows and secure outdoor items.
  • Fill up your car’s gas tank and gather important documents.
  • Evacuate to a safe location if advised to do so.
  • If you must stay home, stay in a safe room away from windows and exterior doors.


  • Drop, cover, and hold on during the shaking.
  • Move away from windows, shelves, and other hazards.
  • If you are outside, move to an open area away from buildings and power lines.
  • If you are driving, pull over to a clear location and stay in the vehicle until the shaking stops.


  • Stay informed of weather updates and evacuation orders.
  • Move to higher ground and avoid low-lying areas.
  • Turn off electricity and gas to your home if advised to do so.
  • Do not attempt to drive or walk through floodwaters.


  • Stay informed of weather updates and evacuation orders.
  • Clear brush and debris from around your home.
  • Keep a supply of water and fire extinguishers on hand.
  • Evacuate to a safe location if advised to do so.
  • If you must stay home, stay in a safe room away from windows and exterior doors.


  • Seek shelter in a safe room or basement if available.
  • If you are in a vehicle, seek shelter in a sturdy building or lie flat in a low-lying area.
  • Stay away from windows and exterior walls.
  • Cover your head and neck with your arms and hands.


Remember, being prepared can make all the difference in your ability to weather whatever disaster comes your way. With the tips mentioned above, you’ll greatly survive and endure the coming times. Make wise decisions and most of all, be safe!