How the Cloud can Empower your Firm

Computers and, in particular, the internet have transformed our modern world over the last 30 years. From e-commerce platforms to social media and streaming media services, tech and the web are now a firmly interwoven and integral part of all our lives. Below in this article, we will cover How the Cloud can Empower your Firm.

How the Cloud can Empower your Firm
How the Cloud can Empower your Firm

While the innovation provided by the early internet was impressive enough, in its relatively short history, the web has matured to become a dominant force across all industries and modern tech is now revolutionizing how firms operate in ways never before imaginable. By integrating with cloud-based services – coupled with vastly quicker connection speeds – firms can now leverage the incredible power of remote computing offered by an increasing number of specialist cloud service providers. Indeed, the impressive growth in the number of cloud companies and their customers suggests that cloud computing is very much the future for businesses looking to operate online.

The advantages of outsourcing your IT to a cloud service provider

Not-so-very long ago, firms looking to integrate IT into their operations had to face costly setup fees to install servers and complex internal networks. While this sort of expense could be met relatively easily by larger firms, the cost of installing IT was prohibitively high for many Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Moreover, handling IT in-house also meant employing a dedicated IT specialist – or taking chances with security to keep costs to a minimum.

With the advent of cloud tech, all this has changed and companies – big or small – can now safely and securely outsource everything from their storage requirements to their processing needs. Here are just a few reasons why you should move your IT operations to a cloud provider:

Back up and security:

Modern cloud providers look after the backup and security of your data as standard, removing the real and considerable worry most firms face of data-loss or unwanted, malicious access.

Staying up to date:

While the cost of installing hardware and network provision was traditionally too expensive for many companies, upkeep and upgrade work often proved a step too far. The world of technology moves at a truly fierce pace and today’s cutting-edge solutions very quickly date, becoming redundant and unfit for purpose. Conversely, companies outsourcing to the cloud don’t need to fight the constant losing battle of investing in the latest, safest kit and can instead pass those worries onto their third-party provider. 

Total flexibility in terms of service provision:

Another problem that firms traditionally faced with IT services was that of upgrading or downgrading provision as their company environment changed. No company is static and IT requirements are constantly in flux. Sometimes you might take on more staff or have higher processing needs – other times you might want to scale back. With cloud providers, these changes in provision are as simple as a quick tweak in the back-end management panel or writing an email to support. 

Geographic flexibility:

Operating in the cloud means all your staff can have access to all your files, all the time – even when working on mobile devices. Also, if you run software remotely on your cloud server, you can execute complex operations on the lowliest of mobile devices, moving all the processing requirements to the remote server. Even a basic laptop or cell phone can be used to perform processor-hungry tasks, meaning your staff can be truly mobile.