How Technology Is Influencing Online Gaming Industry?

How Technology Is Influencing Online Gaming Industry
How Technology Is Influencing Online Gaming Industry

A game is defined as an enjoyable activity that gets people engaged for great amusement. Most of us play fun games because it is simply fun and happy. It enhances the function of our brain, cognitive skills as well as release serotonin in our brains. The happy chemical makes us feel joyous and rejoiced. With the development of the technology, thrill, and excitement of playing the game have been enhanced only. The visual stimulus, satisfaction, innovation, and creativity have increased threefold times. Below, in this article, you can find the details about How Technology Is Influencing Online Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has expanded greatly as sales of the gaming platform have reached $510 Billion in the year 2018. Below we look at how technology has positively influenced the online gaming industry:

1. Influence of Technology on the Online Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has increased from the first Egyptian board game to virtual and AR games. Facial recognition, gesture control technology, and various other innovative factors have influenced gaming in a great way. Looking at the historical factors that have influenced the gaming industry, we get to know how technology has influenced the online gaming industry to a greater industry. If you would like to enjoy the amazing gaming apps today, go to this site to play casino games. You will have lots of enjoyment while playing casino games.

Following is a proper timeline of how the gaming industry has increased due to the impact of the technology:

3500 BC:

Board games had been played in the pre-dynastic and dynastic periods of Egypt. These board games were played in multiple societies and cultures of history.

3500 BC to 17th Century:

Till the 17th Century, no significant changes occurred in the gaming industry. Games were played at home or outside the home for fun purposes manually. Technology is about to occur in the 18th century for influencing the gaming industry greatly.

18th Century:

In the 18th century, lots of cultural changes and social changes were witnessed. These changes were occurring because of the industrial revolution and the scientific revolution. Suddenly, people had lots of leisure time in urban societies that allowed people to invent new games. During this time, interest in playing games spurred only.

19th Century:

With the invention of printing and papermaking, board games were commercially introduced and played. Various other games were also printed on paper and played extensively by players.

1902 AD:

In this year, The Monopoly, better known as the Land’s Lord Game, was introduced to the players. From this point onwards, the board games industry had experienced tremendous growth exponentially.

1937 AD:

In this year, the first computer was introduced to the users. This technological breakthrough gave way for the further digital improvement of the gaming industry. Now, games could finally be played on digital screens.


It was 1970 when the first video game was introduced to digital players. The first digital game was named “Computer Space”, which was designed and published by Nutty Associated.


Another breakthrough development took place. Ping was introduced to the players, and arcades of games were also invented.


Lots of computer-based games were introduced in the market such as The Dungeon, Avatar, etc.

The 1980s:

In this year, home computers were invented with the invention of floppy disks. Now, computers could be operated from one place to another. Handheld LCD games, digital board games, and various other technological variations of the games became commonplace in the market.

The 1990s:

Arcade-style gaming reduced to a greater extent with the invention of the home computers, CD-ROM, and sound cards. Now, anybody could play a digital game for free in their drawing rooms on the home computer. Multiple games were also designed by software engineers.

The 2000s:

As the century completed, the Nokia phone had been introduced in the market. The famous snake game was played on the Nokia. Now, the market was filled with video games.

2000 to 2011:

During this technological decade, humans shifted from Nokia phones to smartphones. The technology grew tremendously, which impacted greatly on the gaming industry. Sales of board games reduced sharply with the innovation of the digital gaming industry. In the year 2011, mobile games were worth $5.2 Billion alone. Video games were worth $2.3 Billion alone.

2014 – 2020:

From gaming mobile apps to virtual reality games, the gaming industry boomed greatly due to development in camera technology, graphics, video, and Computer.

Thus, the gaming industry grew exponentially with the development of technology.

How Had Development of Gaming Apps and Mobile Changed the Gaming Industry?

From 2016 till now, the global market of app gaming had grown with a great value of $72.3 Billion in the year 2020. Tablets and mobiles have added to the gaming industry. Now, everyone owns a mobile as well as a favorite game on the mobile. From the retail to the hospitality sector, gaming apps and mobile go hand in hand. Board games on printed papers are history now. 50% of people play games on mobiles and tablets.

Businesses have also benefited from the industry of gaming apps. Various gaming apps had been introduced in the market that generates millions of revenue for a game developer. Game apps development is a subject that interests IT, users, to a greater extent.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming offers great ease to users. Now, game players can play the game from the comfort of their homes. The difficulties of going to gaming arcade centers have discouraged users to play games in physical stores. So, users have preferred gaming apps over physical games.

Businesses have also adopted the technology for increasing their sales to a greater extent. For instance, the development of the entertainment tablet kiosks brings a good opportunity for businesses to interact with customers. McDonald’s is working on entertainment tablet kiosks for targeting the younger generation. There are also many other huge establishments who are working on similar projects.

Bottom Line

It is quite evident from historical facts that the development of technology has influenced the online gaming industry greatly. Mobile technology, camera technology, graphics, video development, audio development, and various other technological developments have impacted the online gaming industry greatly. Now, users prefer online gaming apps over arcades, paper games, LCD games, and board games. To enjoy the latest games, go to this site to play the most exciting and enthralling casino games.