How Social Media Affects Your Workers’ Comp Case

Social Media

While suffering from a personal injury from an accident at the workplace, taking comfort in social media seems harmless. But social media can become a reason to make things worse for you.

We live in a digital world where people share even the tiniest moments with the world. While being advised to take bed rest, social media is the only way or form of connection with the outside world. But, while using platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you need to pay more attention to avoid losing the claim. 

Here is how social media can affect your workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ Compensation Claim Investigation

Investigation of compensation claims filed by a worker has become quite a norm. An insurance company hires private insurance investigators to carry out these investigations to ensure the legitimacy of a claim. If the investigators find anything otherwise, it leads to the rejection of a claim. 

Workplace fraud is becoming increasingly common, with some employees trying their best to secure workers’ compensation through unethical means. Insurance companies are always finding ways to save money. They are aware of such claims. Thus, they often put professional investigators to check the claim’s legitimacy. 

Before social media became a common way of communicating, these investigators used cameras to document claimants doing everyday things like walking, shopping, driving, dancing, or playing a sport to show that they were unaffected by the accident. Thus, they do not qualify for workers’ compensation claims. The rise of social media has only made their jobs much easier and effortless.

Social media platforms and social networking may seem fun, but they can be used as evidence for the rejection of your claim. You might end up sharing the details of the accident and recovery, which can and will be used against you to question the authenticity or severity of your claim. 

Social Media Activities That You Should Avoid

Now that you understand how insurance companies or employers can use social media to question the legitimacy of your claim, you have to be very cautious about how you use it. You must be careful about what you post on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. You have to keep this going till you receive your compensation payment. 

Consider that an investigator always keeps a close tab on your social media handles. So here are some social media activities you must avoid until your claim is processed. 

  • Avoid posting details about your accident, injuries, or recovery progress. 
  • Do not post pictures on any social networking site till your claim is approved and processed. 
  • Increase the privacy of your social media handles, and do not accept requests from stranger accounts. An investigator may try to get access to your social media accounts to gather information that can be used to weaken your claim. 
  • Do not delete any pictures, posts, or existing accounts, as it would be considered the destruction of evidence, and you can be penalized for the same. 

Keep these factors in mind while your claim is still under process. Minimize your social media presence and inform your friends not to post pictures of you that are not dated or can be taken out of context. It would be better to ignore social media platforms until you receive your complete workers’ compensation claim.

How Can A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help You?

If you have been injured at work and want to file a claim to seek compensation for your injuries or illnesses, then immediately hire a workers’ compensation attorney to get the best possible professional legal advice. A workers’ compensation claim attorney will guide you on your social media usage to avoid causing any harm to your case. 

Social media platforms are the first place where an investigator will look to gather evidence to weaken your claim. With the rapid use of social media, there is more information about you than you may think. An insurer or employer will indeed find something that can be and will be used against you in court, but it doesn’t mean you will lose your claim entirely. Well, not if you have followed all the necessary steps advised by the workers’ compensation attorney. 

The right attorney will guide you in every possible way to strengthen your compensation claim. Before going ahead and filing a claim against your employer, it is better to get a personal injury attorney on your team to make the best out of the situation.

Wrapping Up

So be prepared and look closely at your social media accounts to ensure you are not posting anything that can be used against you in court. Minimize the usage, and increase the privacy settings to the maximum. Wait till your claim is approved and processed by the insurer before returning to your routine life. In addition, hire a workers’ compensation attorney to ensure the outcome of the claim will be in your favor.