How a Smart Phone can Help In Dissertation Proposal Writing

Students dread dissertation writing process since they know that the process is time-consuming and complicated. As a matter of fact, many students fear that they might end up spending a lot of time and efforts writing a dissertation only for the professor to comment that the dissertation was written is of low quality and thus resulting to the students failing to graduate within the initially intended time.

How smartphone help proposal writing
How smartphone help proposal writing

However, what most students fail to note is that if they develop a good proposal, their chances of completing a superb dissertation will be enhanced. Apart from that, students tend to believe that the dissertation writing process needs a lot of time which they, unfortunately, don’t have on their side. In reality, that is far from the truth since even with their smartphones, the students can be able to write not only a proposal but also the actual dissertation when they are on the move like when on trains or even on the bus on their way to school.

Best Way to Write Proposal on Your Smartphone

Through the unprecedented technological innovations, various apps that can be used by the students to write their dissertations have been developed. These apps are mostly available for free and if the students embraced these apps, they would find the dissertation writing process easy. “There are many apps available either on play store or Apple Store. These apps are handy for researchers and it is high time that students also embraced these apps for their dissertation projects”. Noted Emma who is a dissertation proposal expert at Best Assignment Writing Service.

How smartphone help proposal writing
How smartphone help proposal writing

One of the apps that can be used by the students to aid them in their dissertation proposal writing entail the Voice Typing Apps. For both Android and iOS powered devices, there are numerous voice typing applications available for free or for a small fee. By installing these apps on their smartphones, students can easily use the apps to write their dissertation proposal with a record time.

The other way that students can use a smartphone to help them in their dissertation writing entails installing book readers on the devices so that they can carry out research on their devices. Indeed, by installing book readers on their devices, the students can easily read and research various secondary sources that they can use on their proposal through their phones during different times of the day. “It is surprising that many students believe that they have to be in the library in order for them to research on their dissertations while they can easily research on their tablets and smartphones at their convenience” Explained Michael who is a Senior Research Tutor at The Custom Writing Service.

Thus, it is high time that students start exploiting their smart devices and using them to their advantage. Indeed, if time was to be the reminded majority of people who never got the chance to access the technologies that modern day students have access to would be amazed by the extent to which technology has revolutionized the education sector.


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