How To Send GIF Files to WhatsApp Broadcast List on iPhone

Send GIF Files to WhatsApp Broadcast on iPhone – As you know GIF animations files are viral on social media and everyone enjoys gif files on mobile also. So, everyone tries to send gif files on WhatsApp, hike and all. But, in iPhone, you can’t send any gif files to the Broadcast list as we send in Android phones. So, in this tutorial, we will tell you how to send gif files to WhatsApp broadcast list on iPhone.


Send GIFs to WhatsApp Broadcast on iPhone

In  Android Phones, we can send gif files easily like sending any photo or video clip. But, in iPhone, you must follow few more steps to send a gif file to your friend or family member. Here, I am going to share all steps with screenshots that will help you to send gif files on WhatsApp.

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How To Send GIF Files to WhatsApp Broadcast on iPhone

You can send gif files in WhatsApp on iPhones. 1st one is to forward any gif files that you received from your friends. This method is just as easy as forwarding any image or video file. 2nd one is to find gif files from the online store inside WhatsApp and then send it to anyone. It’s something different, So I am going to share it here.

But, in the case of a Broadcast list in WhatsApp, You can not forward any GIF to any broadcast list. When you forward any GIF, you will not find your broadcast list there. So, here are all the steps to be followed to send gif files to the WhatsApp  Broadcast list. Please read carefully and follow them –

  1. Open your WhatsApp on iPhone.
  2. Open any broadcast list that you have in your WhatsApp.
  3. Now, click on the Camera icon or attachment icon and select photos/videos. how-send-gif-to-whatsapp-broadcast-list-iphone
  4. You will get all pics and videos here but there will be no GIF files from your Gallery/Photos. So, click on GIF icon in the left bottom corner. how-send-gif-to-whatsapp-broadcast-list-iphone
  5. Now, you have 2 options to find your GIFs. You can search any gif online and you can forward any gif that you made starred. how-send-gif-to-whatsapp-broadcast-list-iphone
  6. Select any gif and send it to your broadcast list. how-send-gif-to-whatsapp-broadcast-list-iphones
  7. Done!

If you want to share any gif that you received from someone else on WhatsApp, you have to add a star to the same GIF file. Then it will be visible in your starred section and you can forward it to your broadcast list.

Last words – So guys, this is a guide to send a GIF file to the WhatsApp Broadcast list and I hope it will help you. If you have any queries, please drop a comment below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.