CPR Renewal: How Long Is a CPR Certification Good For?

CPR Certification

Are you thinking about becoming a CPR instructor or are you already in the midst of an instructor renewal?

Keeping your American Heart Association credentials up to date is essential for your career in life-saving, but it’s not a process that always happens on its own. If you’ve ever missed a renewal, you probably have a feeling that your CPR certification isn’t quite as current as you like.

How long is a CPR certification good for anyway? Is CPR renewal essential? Let’s have a look.

How Long Does CPR Certification Last?

CPR certifications are valid for one to two years. The length of certification depends on the type of CPR certification a person has. Basic CPR certification is usually valid for one year. Advanced certifications, such as ACLS, may be valid for two years.

It is important to renew your certification before its expiration date in order to stay up to date with the latest CPR techniques and safety protocols. Once certification expires, going through the renewal process is the only way to become certified again.

Renewal usually requires continuing education or a retesting process. Although the length of time may vary, it is important to recertify every one to two years to stay up to date on the most updated CPR guidelines.

Why Does CPR Certification Expire?

CPR certification is not indefinite and must be periodically renewed. This is because CPR techniques are regularly updated as medical research and technology advances. New methods and treatments are developed that may not be the same as what was taught in the prior course.

It is important for people who have taken a CPR course to be well-informed of the latest techniques and understand how to correctly perform CPR in an emergency. In some cases, depending on the certification organization and the particular type of course, CPR certification has to be renewed every two years or so.

Furthermore, knowledge decay means that without periodic retraining, rescuers may forget the techniques they were taught in the originally CPR course. Keeping certifications up to date is essential to ensuring people can save a life if the worst happens.

Why Is It Important to Renew Your CPR Certification?

CPR certification renewal is an important process for the health and safety of any individual or organization that requires it. Providing CPR is an invaluable skill in an emergency.

If a person isn’t certified or has an outdated certification, they aren’t able to provide the necessary service or life saving techniques. Renewing CPR certification keeps the abilities current and acceptable for the proper applications.

By taking this important step every 2 years, individuals and employers can ensure their CPR skills stay up to date and safe. Certification also helps employers and work organizations stay in line with industry standards which helps maintain the workplace safe for any unexpected emergency. Visit https://cprcertificationnow.com to get the CPR certification renewal started.

Learn the Importance of CPR Renewal

CPR renewal is essential for both medical workers and spike in number of cases. The average CPR certification is good for two years, but this is subject to change based on the certifying body.

Like all certifications, consistent renewal is necessary to ensure current knowledge and safety. Renew yours today to remain prepared for any situation.

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