How Long Does SEO Take To See Results?

SEO Take To See Results

Perhaps you get lots of traffic from ads or social media. In which case, you might wonder if SEO is worth your time and effort. But consider this figure: over half (53%) of all organic website traffic comes from Google or Bing. 

The upside of SEO is that you’ll get long-term, free traffic. But there is a downside. You won’t get that traffic overnight.

So how long does SEO take before you start to see results? We have all your answers right here.  

How to Rank Higher in Google

A targeted SEO strategy that covers both on-page and off-page SEO is the best way to get the ranking you need.

On-page SEO includes thorough keyword research to find your niche’s most promising targeted keywords. You need keywords that aren’t too competitive but get a consistent and high traffic volume.

That includes all your efforts on each page of your website to ensure you have that keyword in the page titles, descriptions, and images.

On-page SEO includes technical elements such as speed optimization and ensuring your site is usable, accessible, and works perfectly on mobile. 

How Long Does SEO Take to Work? 

The short answer is 4-12 months. You can expect to see results within weeks depending on a number of factors, but it can take up to 8-12 months to see the full effects of SEO.
Riordan SEO, an SEO company in Cork, says to speed up the SEO make sure you fetch your new page or content on Search Console and update the sitemap. Add internal links, backlinks and share on social media. You could also use an instant indexer which will index your page or new content within 24 hours.

When you do your keyword research, you’ll discover that some search terms are more competitive than others, and the competitive ones tend to get the most traffic.

Therefore, a high-competition search term will naturally take longer to get that page one ranking than a low-competition or low-traffic keyword. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the numbers. And the timescale might surprise you if you haven’t tried ranking on Google before.

Low-competition keywords might take around three to four months to get an SEO ranking on page one. The number one spot (the “top spot”) will take longer.

For a medium competition keyword, expect it to take around eight to twelve months to rank on page one and longer for a top spot. For the most competitive keywords, it might take you between one and two years. 

There is a caveat with these timescales.

Those figures assume you are doing consistent SEO work on your website and beyond, like this SEO linked here. That means regularly posting new content and getting high-quality backlinks from other relevant websites. 

Tips for Faster Results

These numbers are averages. So does that mean you can get faster results? The answer is yes, and here are some of our top tips:

  • Use social media to help generate some buzz about your content
  • Invest in a high-quality SEO tool to help you find better keywords
  • Use an SEO agency with the experience to get quicker results

It’s worth making an effort to get quick SEO results. The faster you get ranked, the quicker you’ll hit your traffic goals. 

Start SEO Today

So how long does SEO take? While it may not provide overnight results, you could start seeing traffic within a few months. That’s providing you begin working on SEO today. 

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