How To Find Wifi Password on Windows 10 Using CMD (Updated)

Find wifi Password on windows 10

Most of the times you will find yourself in a situation where you want to retrieve WiFi password of the network you are currently connected or of an old network that you were previously logged in to. There may be a number of reasons why you want to do so. Either you want to share WIFI password with your friends or you may want to connect to same WIFI on another device but forgot the password. Well, the solution is here at HowToCrazy, in this tutorial we are telling you three ways to get hidden WIFI passwords on Windows PC.


How to Find WiFi Password on Windows 10

Actually, when you connect to any WIFI, its password gets automatically saved on your device. So in order to get the saved password, you have to just ensure that you are connected to any WIFI currently or in the past.

Method 1: Third Party Tools to Find Wifi Password on Windows 10

If you find any difficulty in manual methods, you can also go with free tools like Magical JellyBean WiFi password revealer. It is a very small software of 2.5MB. You can download this software from the site of Magical Jelly Bean. After downloading, install and run it. You do not need to configure anything. Just run it and Wifi passwords will be on your screen.

How To See Saved Wifi Password on Windows PC – Wifi Password Revealer

Step 1. Download a desktop software from this link – Wifi Password Revealer


Step 2. Install this software on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 3. After successful installation, please open the same software from auto-launch or from the desktop icon.

Step 4. Now, you will get a complete list of wifi on your Windows 10 PC and you will see WIFI password on your PC.


Note: Here, you will get a long list of the saved wifi passwords on Windows 10 PC. You will get all information about a Wifi network, like Name (SSID), Password, Authentication, Encryption, Connection Type. You can copy any wifi password by double tap on the same field and then you can paste them anywhere.

We have deleted our few passwords due to privacy. Buy you will get all passwords on your PC. I also find my wifi password on Windows 10 PC for personal use. So, this is the best method to see saved wifi passwords on Windows 10.

Method 2:  How to find Wifi Password on Windows 10

Here we will tell you how to find the password of a network you are currently connected to it. This method is very straightforward and easy.

Step 1: Locate network icon on the bottom right corner of your PC. Right click on network icon and select Open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2:  At network and sharing center, you can see all your active networks. Click on connected networks and a new window will pop out.

At network and sharing center, you can see all your active networks. Click on connected networks and a new window will pop out.

Step 3: In Wireless Network Connection Status window, click on Wireless Properties button and a new window will pop out again.

Step 4: In this new window, switch to the security tab and then enable show characters option by granting administrator permissions.

Surprise! Your password is visible now in front of Network security key field. You can copy, paste and save password anywhere.

In this way, you can view connection of presently connected WIFI. But what will you do if you are no more connected to that WIFI? Keep reading our article, we will let you know about that also.

Method 3: How to Find Your Wifi Password on Windows 10

You can see passwords of all WIFI networks you were connected earlier using the command prompt. Shocked? Yes, I am talking about the command prompt window with indigestible texts. Actually command prompt is a very powerful tool in Windows operating system. You can perform many core tasks by using simple commands. So without wasting much time, let us look into the method.

Step 1: Run command prompt with administrator privileges. Wondering how to do it? Stop now, press “Ctrl+R”, a run window will open, now type “cmd” and click on “OK”. Command prompt window will get opened.

Step 2: Now type “netsh wlan show profiles” and hit enter. Then you will see list of all WIFI networks you were connected earlier. From the list select desired WIFI and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Now, type “netsh wlan show profile name=[profilename] key=clear” and replace profilename with the network whose password you want to know. For example, if you want to know the password of WIFI named howtocrazyfree, you need to type “netsh wlan show profile name=howtocrazyfree key=clear”.

After typing the command press Enter and notice Security settings section in output. Your password is shown in front of the key content option.

Here is how you can use CMD to find the password of any WIFI network you have connected to. You just need to type the two commands as discussed above.

Final Words: You can use any of above three methods to get hidden WIFI passwords on Windows PC. Stuck at any step? We are waiting for you in comments. Also please tell us which method you would prefer to see hidden passwords.


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  2. Yes! That’s cool. You can download it once and can find saved wifi passwords anytime.

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