How Effective Is Bulk SMS as a Small Business Marketing Strategy?

How Effective Is Bulk SMS as a Small Business Marketing Strategy
How Effective Is Bulk SMS as a Small Business Marketing Strategy

In a world of convoluted, time-taking, big-investment marketing strategies, SMS-ing your clients seems too simplistic. However, small business owners in most cases have to work on a shoestring marketing budget, remain understaffed and thus too crunched for time to dedicate any great effort to elaborate marketing strategies. In that light, bulk SMS is a great way to promote your brand name and remain competitive until your business flies off, expanding your budget for more sophisticated marketing campaigns. below in this article, we will cover the How Effective Is Bulk SMS as a Small Business Marketing Strategy.

Leads for your business can be perked up through text message promotion with a host of ancillary benefits that big leagues marketers often tend to ignore. We will discuss some of the points here:

Speed Delivery- Not Time Wasted on Strategizing 

Whether you are advertising by WhatsApp or through SMS, there is zero time wasted on delivering these text message calls-to-action. Bulk SMS through services like textlocal are sent in a second, reaching the target customer directly. Click here to access the service!

In comparison, marketing strategies demanding more investment like pay-per-click ads or social media promoted content are limited in terms of circulation. 

If you are wondering about SMS vs WhatsApp business, remember WhatsApp accommodates multimedia better and can carry links to your websites, thus improving your ranking naturally. 

Wide Coverage- Targeting Thousands Personally at a Time

Text message marketing has scope for personalizing messages according to the target base. The wider the target base, the better are the chances of conversion and strengthening of one’s brand identity. You can give the multichannel marketing project for your brand a great boost by reaching thousands of people with a single text message. 

Enhanced Visibility- High Reading Rate

SMSes and WhatsApp businesses cannot end up in spam folders, unlike emails! Text message notifications thus get better visibility, translating into a higher reading rate. To bring your small business enterprise into the limelight, you can take to sending texts with promotional messages, inquiry about customer experience, incentivized games, and more from time to time. 

Incentive Marketing- Playful Appeal Effective for Higher Conversion Rate

Texting opens up options for incentivized conversions in the form of contests and games. You can ask your customer target base to choose your service to win a contest by replying with a simple text back. More people are likely to appreciate this kind of message for its playful tone and chances of getting freebies.

Crisp and Clear Format- Save Costs On Hiring Creative Teams

Until the time you can pull together resources to hire a creative team for your small business, the task of competitive marketing is going to be on yourself. This entrepreneurial hardship is made easier with SMS or WhatsApp promotion as the format remains short and crisp, not extending more than 160 characters at the maximum.

As a small business marketing tool, SMS and WhatsApp promotions show unprecedented positive promotion score. Since people these days are spending more and more time on their phones, SMS or WhatsApp texts have a greater chance of drawing attention than billboards or TV adverts. Made topical, thematically attractive, varied, and persistent, text message promotion can create a big splash in retail marketing.