How Does the Google A9 Algorithm Work?

How Does the Google A9 Algorithm Work?
How Does the Google A9 Algorithm Work?

SEO strategies help users optimize their services or products so that they appear in the top positions of search results. This is not only applicable to Google or other search engines, but also to the eCommerce environment. In the digital era where e-commerce grows by giant steps, sellers must play their best cards to compete in the market. And it is here that they must have a series of strategies and techniques that help fulfill their objective: sell more. Below in this article, we will cover the How Does the Google A9 Algorithm Work.

The SEO in Amazon stems from this need. To put in context the relevance of the marketplaces leader in the world, remember that 38% of American consumers start searching for information on the products they want through the platform. Therefore, getting your services or products appear in the first search results of the eCommerce platform will guarantee you a better return and better sales. 

As with Google, the popular marketplace has its own ranking factors when it comes to positioning its products, and for this purpose, it has its own algorithm called A9. Let’s see what it consists of.

A9, the SEO algorithm on Amazon

As we said, Amazon has an SEO algorithm called A9, which will become more complex over time, but suddenly works to search for keywords in a simple way. Every successful Amazon seller must understand the Amazon A9 algo enough to maximize sales positions and revenue. An A9 algorithm is an engine that drives Amazon. It serves to show Amazon’s most successful products and items in the Buy Box with the best margins and the most customer-centric sellers.

The most important thing for Amazon positioning: product sales

Indeed, there are certain factors that affect the relevance of these results and that make some products show more than others. Amazon prioritizes in its search engine that the product in question has a good reception by the consumer. 

Important factors for positioning that you will not be able to influence

In any case, not all the keys to getting the best positioning for a product on Amazon are in your hand: in fact, and in the style of what Google does highlighting its Google Shopping results, that the product itself is sold by Amazon and not by the company, as well as the fact that it belongs to Amazon Prime, will also positively influence its positioning.

In summary: SEO on Amazon is essential to sell 

If you sell your products online, it is very important to stand out among your most direct competition in Amazon, and to get to appear in the top positions of the search results of the platform will be the direct passport to an increase in sales, which will also improve your positioning in search engines like Google. The options to be more visible and reach new customers, as you have seen, are simple. Put them into practice and good luck in your SEO strategy!