How an Image changes its Color on WhatsApp (Trick with Video)

Sharing Images is the most common activity that we all do on WhatsApp and sometimes image change color on WhatsApp while we receive or download the image. And When we forward it to someone else, the color changes to another color. Do you know the reason behind this? Do you know how an Image changes its Color on WhatsApp?

How an Image changes its Color on WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp, the background color is black when we see an image and it is white when we are in the messages window, it works there well while in another hand, just check that image into your photo gallery, you will find only one color. That’s it.

Image changes its Color on WhatsApp

This Image changes its color three times-

  1. Receive > Pink
  2. View > Red/Maroon
  3. Send > Green

Whenever you send pictures to other on WhatsApp in-app background it generates two images 

1. Thumbnail
2. Actual Image so just by replacing you can amaze your friends (see attached image).

In this case, the image is in PNG format which supports an alpha channel. And the opacity of the lip and nails area are set to low, which makes it partially transparent. So, the color appears according to the background in which it is displayed.

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Remember – In the above case, red lips image is thumbnail and purple is an actual image.

Note –  This types of image are not working fine in the latest version of WhatsApp due to the different color scheme.

To create this type of images, Download android application by Click Here

Full Video for “How an image changes its color on WhatsApp? 

Last words – This article was about how does an image color on WhatsApp and you get image changes color on WhatsApp. We hope you got this trick and will try to make a new image.


  1. Thanks bro for explaining all this. I recently received one of this kind and was trying to know how it worked.

  2. I rcvd a similar transparent image in whatsapp, which changes with change in background. All this is fine, I just wanted to know how to send images with transparency in Whatsapp? The trick of 2 images is just a workaround. The image I rcvd in whatsapp, I downloaded it on my PC…it shows as a .jpg file but supports transparency. How to do that???

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