How Does AT&T Compare to Comcast?

    AT&T Compare to Comcast
    AT&T Compare to Comcast


    When it comes to mobile communications and high-speed internet connections, consumers demand a lot of bang for their buck. Today’s better-informed customers now check to see what they stand to get before putting down payment for these services.

    In this article, we take a look at AT&T Fiber and Xfinity by Comcast, two of the most popular internet services in the country, and see how they stack up in terms of price, speed, bundled services, and customer service.

    The Tale of the Tape

    Below is a side-by-side comparison of both services in terms of pricing, connection speeds, service packages, and customer service.


    • AT&T: Package prices at $35.00 monthly at 100Mbps with data cap at 1TB and $60.00 monthly at 940Mbps with no data cap.
    • Xfinity: Package prices range from $19.99 monthly at 25Mbps to $84.99 monthly at 1,000Mbps, data cap at 1TB
    • At first glance, it may seem like Xfinity has this in the bag with a service that is so reasonably priced. Plus, it also offers six packages from which customers can choose. On closer inspection, however, AT&T is the better buy, especially if you need a connection that holds up well to extensive working and schooling from home. Add the fact that its AT&T Internet 1000 service doesn’t have a data cap, and consumers are bound to sit up and pay closer attention.

    Connection Speeds

    • AT&T: Download speeds range between 100 and 940Mbps; upload speeds from 20 to 880Mbps
    • Xfinity: Download speeds vary between 15Mbps to 2Gbps, upload speeds from two to 2,000Mbps  
    • As stated previously, Xfinity offers consumers an extensive range of choices when it comes to price and speed – and, at its fastest, it blows away the competition. While AT&T’s speeds are suitable for casual users, Xfinity’s speeds make it an excellent choice for those who need lag-free connections for online meetings, classes, collaborations, and submissions. It’s also nifty for those heavily into streaming media as it allows for seamless transmission and excellent visual quality.

    Service Packages

    • AT&T: DirecTV Premier package ($178.98) includes AT&T Internet and Phone Unlimited
    • Xfinity: Premier Pro + Double Play at $129.99
    • Bundling a television subscription together with internet and telco service is always a great deal, but – again – it comes down to how much you’re getting for the price. AT&T’s DirecTV Premier offers access to over 330 channels as opposed to Xfinity Premier Pro’s 220 plus. However, with download speeds running between 600 and 2,000Mbps, Xfinity has the edge when it comes to the internet connection.

    Customer Service

    • AT&T: ACSI 2019 Rating of 69/100
    • Xfinity: ACSI 2019 Rating of 62/100
    • Customer service is the pet peeve of many consumers, but AT&T’s customer care ranks a little higher compared to Xfinity.

    The Verdict

    Both AT&T and Comcast’s Xfinity have their good points, and consumers can make their choices based on what they need. Xfinity is the way to go for those who want options in terms of price and internet speed. Those with an eye on their budget, on the other hand, can give AT&T a shot.