How do You Become an Eyelash Technician?

Eyelash Technician

Applying an eyelash extension is a valued skill in the beauty and cosmetics industry. In fact, many cosmetologists and beauty experts often seek the help of full-time eyelash technicians to help them with their beauty projects. In this article, we’ll discuss the ways in which you can become an eyelash technician. Read on! 

Becoming a Professional Eyelash Technician 

To become an eyelash technician, you have to follow these steps: 


Investigate different types of courses available to become a certified eyelash technician. You may also want to research local beauty salons or spas that offer this type of treatment. 

Take Courses

You’ll need to online lash course classes from accredited schools or institutions that specialize in teaching these skills. Look for reviews online from past students to ensure you are getting quality education from reputable instructors.  

Get Certified

Once you have completed your courses, you will need to get certified in order to practice as an eyelash technician. Certification is often provided by industry-leading organizations. 

Choose Your Tools

As a professional eyelash technician, you will need to purchase the necessary tools and materials for your profession. This includes tweezers, scissors, adhesive glue, and various lashes of different lengths and thicknesses. 

Build Clientele

Once you have obtained certification, start networking with potential clients who may be interested in your services. You can do this through online marketing platforms or by attending local beauty events or related conferences. 

Practice Working on Models

Developing your skills on real models is important for gaining experience and perfecting your technique. Make sure you look into any local classes or workshops that may allow you to practice on live models. 

Take Safety Precautions

As an eyelash technician, it’s your responsibility to use all products safely and properly, as well as adhere to hygienic regulations. Make sure you research the latest safety protocols before working with clients. 

Build a Portfolio

When marketing your services, it helps to have some photos of previous work you’ve done for potential customers to see. Start building a portfolio of your best work so people can get an idea of what type of results they can expect when hiring you as their technician. 

Stay Up-to-Date

As with any profession, the beauty industry is constantly evolving. Make sure you stay up to date on the latest trends, techniques, and products so that you can offer your clients the most current services. 

Set Your Prices

Last but not least, make sure you set a competitive pricing structure for your services. Do some research online to see how much other professionals in the same field are charging for their work. 

Reasons to Become a Professional Eyelash Technician 

Here are some reasons why becoming an eyelash technician may be worth considering: 

  • Flexible Schedule: Many eyelash technicians prefer to work freelance and set their own hours. This allows them to make a living while still having the freedom to manage their own schedule. 
  • Low Start-Up Cost: Setting up as an eyelash technician doesn’t require a lot of start-up capital. With just the right tools, training, and certification, you can get started without too much effort or expense. 
  • Creative Outlet: As an eyelash technician, you have the opportunity to express your creativity in someone else’s beauty routine. Not only will this allow you to showcase your craftsmanship but it also makes for a great sense of satisfaction when clients are happy with the results. 
  • Lucrative Career: Eyelash technicians can earn good money from offering their services. With the right marketing techniques, you can make a great living in this profession. 
  • Job Satisfaction: For many people, there’s nothing more satisfying than making someone else look and feel their best. As an eyelash technician, you will get to experience job satisfaction every day while helping others enhance their beauty routines.