How Do I Cancel My Xfinity Service

Cancel My Xfinity Service

Sometimes you would see that the happiest relationships can turn sour. You should take it in your stride, even if it goes against you. But you should not worry much and move on in your life. It is often best to love and forget that person. This is relevant in the sense of breaking away with your Xfinity services, such as TV, phone, internet, and so on.

Though it is difficult to separate ways, sometimes it is good. Many people might shift to a newer place in search of better customer services, a better support system, and better prices. You might keep your convenience and interest at the topmost priority. No matter the reason for your separation, this article will help you make the process as easy as it can be.

How Do I Cancel My Xfinity Service

So, let us discuss the various ways through which you can cancel your Xfinity services.

  1. Speak to Retention at 1-800 XFINITY

The first step would require you to speak with the Retention Department. Though they have a single phone number to speak with. You can call that number (1-800-XFINITY), and tell them to cancel your services. When calling, you might get confused, but do not avoid it. You should not speak with the technical support team and the billing department as they won’t serve your cause. Avoid telling them your new postal address. Saying all these words might lead you to the wastage of time and energy. When they answer your phone, you need to say “Cancel Service.” Nothing less, nothing more. You can even use GetHuman if you want more help from their phone trees.

Once you establish a connection with a live person, ask them first if they are from retention. Tell them to transfer the line to the appropriate one if they do not belong to the retention department. This is will save not only your precious time but will also help to make the process quick.

  1. Excuses preparation

Tell the retention department that you are moving away to a far location. Even if you say that you know the new address won’t help you. These reasons have become old.

However, if you say that you are moving with a new person can raise doubts and different questions. The only trick to moving out of the service is that you can tell them you are moving to a non-Xfinity serviceable area.

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Though, this might not work sometimes. The best answer is you can say to them you are shifting your address to a new country altogether. Say anything that is out of their service area.  You only need to make sure that you are moving out of their network territory. This is the only reason that they won’t have reason to fight with you.

Sometimes it is juicy to tell them the reason for canceling your Xfinity service. The cancellation is much higher and your internet speed slows down. Though, if you inform them you are moving out of their service zone, you can restore your services. So, choose your story wisely and remain to hold on to it.

  1. Stay friendly and Calm

The Xfinity customer care department will try every trick in their book to keep in their customer list. Few of them might offer you a great package, or they will offer you a better deal to hang around. They even go to a greater distance by offering you with few free services that might look tempting. Avoid all these statements and do not pay any heed to them. It is better to say it politely and humbly that you want to cancel with all due respects.

Your fate hangs in the hands of the representative you are having a conversation with. Few might have different opinions, but the rest might behave rudely with you. Being friendly and nice to them will help you speed up the cancellation process.

  1. Revert for Cancellation

This is the most important for any cancellation service to conclude. After having the conversation with the Xfinity representative person, confirm the status of the cancellation. You should clear all the leftover equipment. Do call them again to confirm the cancellation. Tell them to finish everything and again revert to them. So, it is always advisable to call them once again to confirm the cancellation of all your services.

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