How Do Barcodes Work? The Basics Explained

How Do Barcodes Work
Barcodes. Every time you go out shopping, you’ll see them attached to your items. This seemingly simplistic array of bars and spaces is critical to helping shops keep inventory around the globe.

However, before 1974, the only way you could keep a check on your items was to manually write down (and constantly update) everything that came through your shop’s doors. It’s no surprise that barcodes have become so popular by helping owners take care of this problem. But how do barcodes work, exactly? After all, for something so widely used, it’s not often talked about.

This article will help you learn all there is to know about barcode scanners, so read on to find out more!

So, How Do Barcodes Work?

Barcodes look extremely simple on the surface, but in reality, they’re very complex. There are many subcategories of barcodes, but they all work more or less the same. Traditionally, barcodes have a pattern that consists of an array of black lines over a white surface and are the main type still used today.

When a computer scans these barcodes, a code is produced based on the lines and spaces that vary in thickness. These lines and spaces are picked up by the computer using binary code and read as 0’s and 1’s (the white spaces are 0’s and the black lines are 1’s)

Each barcode has up to 12 numbers in the code, while another 3 act as “guards” and “dividers”. These are found in the middle and on both ends of the barcode making a total amount of 15 numbers. With the combination of numbers, lines, and spaces, each barcode has 95 different sections, which are altered for each product!

But Wait…There’s More

The complexity of barcode technology doesn’t stop there. For example, the guards on the ends as well as the divider in the middle help the computer recognize the alignment of the barcode. That way, it doesn’t end up scanning a completely different item and charge you for something you didn’t want.

Furthermore, when a barcode is scanned it instantly notes the scanned item into the database. This allows stores to know how much of each item was purchased, so they can gauge the popularity of an item and buy more if needed.

In short, barcodes have become nothing short of essential in helping transactions faster and making life easier for both companies and customers!

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Barcode Scanners Have Changed the World

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