How Can I Trade btc to monero?

I Trade btc to monero
I Trade btc to monero

In the modern world, cryptocurrencies are increasingly used as a means of payment, as well as a convenient investment tool. At the same time, digital assets are distinguished by an amazing variety and the community has a need to convert one decentralized means of mutual settlements to another analog.

Modern crypto enthusiasts have a huge choice when choosing altcoins for investments. The relatively new digital currency Monero is gaining more and more popularity, which is characterized by a high degree of confidentiality of intra-system transfers against the background of the majority of decentralized “colleagues”.

There are several ways to become the owner of these digital coins: by mining, trading, as well as by exchanging for it another coin of another cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin ( or make bitcoin to monero exchange), but then there is a need to find a reliable and profitable conversion platform,  one of the leaders of the profile remote segment.

The presence of solid foreign exchange reserves ensures the prompt carrying out of financial manipulations in any direction presented in the website listing. The management of the exchange office has developed and implemented modern security mechanisms that reliably protect personal and payment information from intruders.

Visitors who have completed the registration procedure on the website are provided with additional privileges. Their transfers are taken into account by special programs aimed at protecting the financial interests of the community. After creating and verifying a personal account, the conversion of various real and virtual settlement funds is carried out under the most attractive conditions.

The procedure for exchanging Bitcoin for Monero

To carry out an online exchange of various currencies, you need to indicate the direction of interest for financial manipulation in the “You send” and “You receive” blocks. A payment form with a built-in calculator will appear on the monitor. This function will help you determine the result of the transfer even before it takes place. The Monero exchange rate is set in accordance with the current state of the world financial market.

Then you need to enter the following data into the fields of the standard form:

  •       Email address.
  •       Details of digital wallets.
  •       The amount of coins to be transferred.

Be sure to estimate the number of cash reserves contained on the internal balance sheet of the conversion site.

To continue the transaction, the client will need to activate the “Start exchange” option. By this action, he confirms his agreement with the terms of cooperation described in the public offer. The monitor will display the account number to which the required amount of currency should be sent. After that, you need to return to the website and confirm the transfer.

Only in this case, managers will be able to start processing and performing financial manipulations on your request. As a rule, transfers to the Monero wallet are completed in 5-15 minutes.

A message about the successful completion of the exchange of Monero cryptocurrency for virtual Bitcoin coins will be sent to the email address specified by the user during registration.

Special privileges for regular customers

Guests who value online privacy can convert currencies in incognito mode. However, completing the registration procedure will provide additional privileges.

Regular users can take part in the affiliate program, which consists of two levels. Income is calculated based on the activity shown by the users involved in the project and is 0.6 and 0.2% of their transactions.