BHIM APP Refer & Earn Trick – Hi guys, after a long time, I am sharing a method to earn money with Indian payments app called BHIM. Yes, now you can make money with this payments app in India by installing this app into your family member’s mobile or friend’s mobile. So, get ready to make rs. 200 per day or 10K to 15K per month. Yes, its possible guys because it is an official Indian payments app.

India’s Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi invited all Indian users to install BHIM app into their mobile and offering make money through this app. Indian user can refer his friends or family members to download this app with their referral code. If you refer this app to your friend, you will get rs.10 or Rs. 25 for each successful installation.

Note – If you are a simple BHIM user, you will get rs.10 per refer. If you are registered as a Merchant on BHIM app, you will get rs. 25 per refer.

BHIM App Refer & Earn Trick – Rs. 10 per Referral

  1. Please scan below QR Code with your mobile to download BHIM app. bhim-app-refer-earn-trick
  2. Now, select your language and enter your mobile number to verify it with OTP.
  3. Please set a 4-digit pass code to secure your app from others. You can change this pass code at anytime in app’s setting menu.
  4. Now, please make at least 3 payments to get sign up bonus or to generate QO Code to refer your friends (you can send rs. 1 per user)
  5. To get your Referral code, just go to profile tab and generate you QR Code.
  6. When your friend install BHIM app using your QR code, you will get rs 10 or 25 in your BHIM app.
  7. Now, you can earn money by referring this app to others.

How To Check Your Rewards in BHIM App

  1. Go to app home page.
  2. Now, click on transactions and then select rewards from top right corner.
  3. Here, you will get all rewards that you got.
  4. You will get a complete history of referral credits.

Transaction Limits in BHIM App

  • Maximum limit Per transaction is Rs. 10,000
  • Maximum Transaction limit Per day is Rs. 20,000

So guys, this is an official indian payments app for indian users to pay online and offering users to make money with this app. if you have some friends then you can make money with BHIM app easily.

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