TikViral: How Are Young Artists Using TikTok For Exposure?

TikTok For Exposure

We all understand that social networking sites are crucial to a musician’s marketing arsenal. Online platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and others, provide fantastic avenues for artists and musicians to market their work, acquire an audience, and even make money off of it. The newest platform to give artists and musicians a method to go popular with their musical compositions is TikTok. The possibility is enormous, given that there are 800+ million active consumers. Thanks to the network for such great exposure. You can also get free TikTok fans to build massive exposure and reach globally. 

But where should you begin if you’re not acquainted with TikTok? We sought guidance from Harry Gordon Tidswell of next-generation marketing company Fanbytes on how musicians and artists may begin utilizing the network to advance their careers. How ought new artists approach TikTok as a new social media channel initially? Could you go over some of the fundamentals? It can be intimidating to start using TikTok, but the first step is to get in and begin exploring whether you are a habitual user or an artist. You will initially be exposed to a wide variety of stuff, most of whom you won’t find interesting.

Because of this, it’s critical to like or remark on everything you find appealing so that the system can recognize your preferences. Your “For You” page will soon be filled with information on dogs, fashion, football, and other exciting topics. How might emerging musicians go about creating a position on TikTok? Have you got any vital advice for what they ought to do? You could have two different kinds of visibility on TikTok as that of an artist. A social presence as well as a musical company. I’ll talk about music presence soon, but first, how to develop a social fact (a popular profile). Getting involved is the most effective way to learn. Try reproducing the video editing tools in some of the best online content.

The Early Adopters

The most crucial key is to remain true to yourself, so if you’re a terrible dancer but a witty person, skip the dancing challenges and follow the comedy fads instead. The same is true of any platform’s trend. Discover your strengths and have fun doing it.

A great piece of advice would be to seize trends when they’re taking off. When other users search for a specific hashtag, music, or challenge, your clip is more certain to show up near the head of the list if you were one of the young consumers. Good lighting is another. The least you could do is raise your drapes if you would like your message to be shared widely and shown on everybody’s “For You” tab.

What Objectives Should New Acts Have When Utilizing The Channel?

While using TikTok, artists must focus on two main objectives: increasing streams (via viral hits) and building their branding (via your profile). TikTok is distinct from other social media sites, which allow users to post forthcoming tour dates and similar information. It’s a place where you can show off your individuality instead. Furthermore, don’t worry if you don’t think of yourself as a content producer and also don’t feel at ease using the network. Does Drake participate in dancing challenges, stunts, and memes on TikTok? Without a doubt. He allows the music to do the talking. However, Billie Eilish and Radiohead may not benefit from what The Jonas Brothers and Jason Derulo of the globe find successful.

What Are Some Usual Methods For Artists To Become A Tiktok Viral Hit?

The song must, first and foremost, lend itself more to content creation. Not every good song is a TikTok smash, and not every great song is a TikTok hit. The track must aggressively inspire people to create material based on it, either simply because it sounds pleasant or suits the atmosphere of their content or because individuals should want to utilize it in their clips.

What Kinds Of Music Promotions Are Successful On TikTok? 

Do you have any positive case studies from Fanbytes’ work? The conventional wisdom is currently being disregarded, and TikTok is giving music advertisers a virtual playground. Essentially, a trend needs to be catchy and exciting to watch and simple and enjoyable to copy. Beyond this, there are nearly countless opportunities for experimentation and artistic expression.

How can composers use the platform to receive royalties, indeed? Are there any statistics on the types of sums being offered for grabs? Still not. Currently, TikTok must only be seen as a medium for advertising. But all it takes is a quick check at the numbers to see how TikTok popularity is linked to streams. But many TikTok sensations haven’t translated well to streaming, according to this statement. The song must be as great for 2 – 3 minutes as it is for the entire song to shoot up the charts. Trying TikViral will also work well in bringing your content to the top charts. 

End Note

This medium has transformed the music business like few other things ever have. It’s a never-ending machine that creates hits, making up-and-coming performers into household names and contributing to the success of some of the most popular and best-selling songs in history. One of the most significant shifts in the way we live today is undoubtedly the rise of social media and the digital age, and one of the most well-liked social networking sites now includes music at its center. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the industry.