Add Facebook Page to Blog / Website – Hello bloggers, today I will share a method to add Facebook fan page to blog or website. I will tell you to add Facebook page on Blogger and WordPress also. This method is too simple and working. If you want to get more likes on your Facebook page, then must add your Facebook fan page to your blog or website. If want to get your website on Google SERP, read – Top 20+ SEO Tips – 2016 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips

Add Facebook Page To Website/Blog

Now it’s time is to make your Facebook Fan page popular and to get more fans on your fan page. You can also buy likes on Facebook and also but Fans, but such Likes and Fans won’t be the real fan and will not add much value. Your target should be converted Regular & loyal readers into your Facebook page fans. If you want to get more traffic, read – Top 30 Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

How To Add Facebook Page to Blog or Website

There are two types of websites/blogs which are hosted on Blogger and WordPress. So we will share methods for both types of websites and blogs.

How to Add Facebook Page to Blogger

Step 1. Very first step is to go to Facebook social plugins page and select Page plugin.

Here is a direct link  Click Here


Apart from Like box.There, You will find something like this-

Step 2. Now Click On “GET CODE” on there page to get your Facebook page’s Code

Step 3. Go to blogger layout, and “ADD A WIDGET” and paste this code into that box.

Step 4. Click Save and refresh your blog’page. you will get your Facebook page’s like box on to your blog something like this

How To Add Facebook Page to WordPress Blog/Website

  1. Just login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Now add Plugin “Jetpack” into your plugins.
  3. Activate Jetpack plugin through login and activation key.
  4. Now, go to appearance and select widgets.
  5. Add ‘Facebook Page‘ and place it where you want to show your Facebook Page.
  6. Enter your Facebook Page URL and save.
  7. Done!

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Last words – Today I shared a trick/method to add Facebook page to website or Blog. You can add Facebook page to any blog which are hosted on Blogger or WordPress. If you have any query, just make a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible.

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