Hiring New Talent As An Employer

Hiring New Talent

Singapore is one of the highest developed market economies in Asia. Together with South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, they are called the Four Asian Tigers. So if you have a company in this country, you have a good advantage with you. But for a business to strive and grow, new talent needs to be recruited.

And the best time to recruit new talent is when they have recently graduated. These individuals are teeming with new and innovative ideas. And it is what kept most corporate giants stay relevant throughout recent years.

But handling new talent is not easy. Making the wrong hire could lead to dire consequences. So below are some tips in hiring new talent as an employer.

Lead With Culture

Because of innovation and new technologies, there are now numerous jobs available for fresh grads everywhere. So most are not thinking about titles and salaries. As the employer, it is up to you to promote the work climate of your organization and lead with a culture to entice candidates to join. 

What’s a typical day at work? Do employees hang out with each other after work? Is work-life balance encouraged? Most grad students care about their work environment because they want a job where they always want to work.

Follow the Metrics 

It would be best to learn what has been effective when you hired people in the past. And recruit from schools that not only produce the talent you are seeking. But also from where you had your best ones in your business. 

So make a plan and recruit from schools that you have a good chance with and be aware of the targets of your competition. 

Hire Soft Skills 

Don’t hire employees for hard skills directly. Hire ones for soft skills first, then train them to do the hard skills required for their position. Giving your new employees room to grow is a great selling point for new and fresh grads and increases employee retention, a win-win for the business and your new employees. 

Showcase Top Talents

The best way to do this is by creating a short video of your top talents on why they love working for your company in a series of video bites. Showcase how your internships cultivated full-time careers fueled by continuous growth. Career Stories are always great bait to fish for the right talent.

Strengthen Your Internship Program

Internships for companies are a great way to foster new talent in their workforce. But that’s not all. It also offers candidates hands-on experience on their desired job. This gives you and the candidate a “try before you buy” opportunity, letting you minimize the risk of a turnover or a vacancy. 

Look For Excellence

Remember, recent grads will not always have the experience you want for your company. Most are just starting their career, so don’t raise your bar too high. 

But that doesn’t mean that you can just hire anyone. Look for excellence like in their chosen field of study, athletics, or any other indicators that tell they put plenty of effort in achieving it.

Consider Their Work Experience While In School

Candidates who worked while in school offer great value to your company. Even though they just worked part-time, a summer job, or unrelated to their study. 

While it may not be the same as any 9-to-5 jobs, candidates who have financially supported themselves during studies already know how to work hard and are stress-tested.


Even though you can hire new talent in the best job portals in Singapore, it is still up to you to determine if they are up to the task you give them. And foster them to become successful in their careers. So before you hire anyone, it would be best to follow the tips above to ensure that your new hires will benefit your company.