Indian HIKE messanger offers a new interface, it means, from the moment you open the app, a hiker can choose the language in hike app. Hike’s Multi-language keyboard allows you type in up to 9 languages (including English) in which 8 languages are indian.
Hike Keyboard
Supported Languages:
New update of hike messanger supports 8 indian languages that are Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali and Malayalam.
To download hike messanger
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Commenting on the launch, Kavin Bharti Mittal, CEO & Founder, Hike Messenger said, “Today, we’re excited to launch hike in 8 local languages. For the first time ever millions of Indians will be able to seamlessly chat in their local languages only on hike”.
How To Enable Hike Keyboard:
1) Open Hike messanger and then open someone’s chat.
2) Click on 3 dots at right upper side (see image).
3) Now, click on ‘Hike Keyboard‘,
4) Your cutlrrent keyboard(dodol, google, emoji etc) will be replaced with Hike keyboard.
How To Enable Multiple Languages: 1) Open Hike Keyboard.
2) Click on a globe icon for 2 seconds  that is shown at left bottom corner of the hike keyboard.
3) You will find all supported languages that are english, hindi, bangali etc.
4) Check the mark on your languages in which you want to type.
5) Go back to hike keyboard.
How To Change Languages From One To Another:
1) Open Hike keyboard and select multiple language by above steps.
2) Now swipe SpaceBar from left to right or right to left.
3) You can Type in each language by scrolling spacebar.
Here all the processes and steps are about “how to enable hike keyboard and indian languages“. This article will help you to ignore multiple keyboard for diffrent languages.Use Hike Messanger to chat with diffrent languages at one place.

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