Handy Tips to Help Your Car Survive the Winter

While humans need warmth during the wintry months, cars need their routine checkup in this season of snow and ice. The heavy snowfall, low visibility, and overall condition of roads and paths can be trickier for drivers to manoeuvre, so preventive maintenance is imperative. Tips to Help Your Car Survive the Winter.Handy Tips to Help Your Car Survive the Winter

Given that the winter season is characterized as inclement, unpredictable, or even bad, your life will be so much easier if your car is as prepared as you are at this time. Don’t stay out in the cold, and hold on to these handy tips to help you winterize your car and arrive at your destination safe and sound.

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For a driver, winter is one of the most critical times for a car’s health. The cold weather can take a toll on your car, the parts of which might have been overworked or placed on high demand during your last summer vacation. Find out your car’s current condition and what you can do to prepare it for winter through the following checklist.

Check or Replace the Battery and Battery Terminals

Ensure your car battery is in good working condition The last thing you’d want is being stranded somewhere and jump-starting your battery to no avail. The chances of car batteries conking out during winter are pretty high because the extreme temperature affects the rate of discharge and causes them to work harder and therefore perform poorly.

Changing batteries every three years is standard practice for most drivers. Also, take time to check the car-battery terminals. The rust and corrosion negatively affect the transfer of electric power, which results in your battery’s poor performance. Tips to Help Your Car Survive the Winter.

Change Oil and Check on Your Coolant

Your engine oil should have the right level of viscosity to be able to perform at any temperature. For cold weather, the oil has to be thin so that it can flow easily to your engine’s moving parts. Popular Mechanics recommends that you check with your user manual for the oil weight as adjusted per temperature and pick the thickness of the oil depending on the weather conditions in your area.

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Speaking of the engine, the antifreeze or coolant in your cooling system should be topped up as it keeps your engine from freezing. But you might have to replace it if the coolant looks really old and has much debris that can hamper its performance. Aside from refilling your fluids, check your belts and hoses. The worn ones would have to go as they can break during wintertime.

Clean Your Car and Windshield of Snow

It’s not only a matter of tidiness but safety too. Clearing your car of any snow before you drive keeps it out of your way and other people’s, too, while on the road. Snow flying off your car roof or hood can result in road accidents, where motorists try to evade it a little too late. That and distracted driving are situations that can clearly be avoided. Tips to Help Your Car Survive the Winter.

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Indeed, “eyes on the road” has never mattered more than driving in low-visibility conditions. Check—or buy if you have to—your windshield wipers so your vision remains unhampered. It also helps to turn on your headlights so you can check out the road even when it’s snowing.

Check Your Tires and Tire Pressure

The time has come for your winter tires to be driven out to snow. They are made especially for traction in snowy and icy surfaces as their treading would show. Do some shopping before you settle for a new set of winter tires. For best results, couple your winter tires with Ram 1500 fender flares to keep your vehicle body out of harm’s way when driving in snow-crusted surfaces.

Always, always properly inflate your tire. The colder weather can cause the air pressure to drop, leading to deflation and decreased traction on the road.

Driving in Winter

Winter driving is not exactly bad or bleak if your car, luxury or not, is up to the task. Given the conditions outside, it is also the best time to exercise extra care and patience every time you make a turn, accelerate, stop, and put on your brakes. Tips to Help Your Car Survive the Winter.

Drive safely.