Guide to Buying a Commercial Backup Generator for Your Movie Studio

Guide to Buying a Commercial Backup Generator

When you spend mere seconds devoid of electricity, you are bound to lose money. This is true no matter what business you’re in. Below in this article, we will cover the Guide to Buying a Commercial Backup Generator for Your Movie Studio

The company Delta reportedly suffered a loss worth $150 million recently. The reason was a power loss at the operation center in Atlanta lasting over 5 hours. So, power outages are enough to cause minor to major setbacks. Another concern regarding power outages in businesses is the function of security cameras. It completely nullifies the security cameras if they don’t have power. 

To keep the business running smooth, it would be wise to buy a commercial backup generator.

Industrial Generators – How They Work

What is the work of generators in keeping the flow of electricity constant? First of all, generators such as the diesel 3 phase generators for sale contain a separate engine. So, it does not have to depend on electricity. There is a different origin for the engine’s power. 

However, the most important part is that, once the engine starts, your generator will convert the engine’s energy into electricity. But before making the buying decision, it is important to know what types of commercial backup generators exist. These are described below.


Don’t be hasty and know what you exactly need before you buy a generator. Here are a few details to help you along. 


In the case of industrial generators, this one shows a lot of versatility. There is no limit to how you can use them. Whether you need it for your movie studio or for emergency power in your house, there is no reason to worry. In fact, you can even use it when you travel to distant spots with non-existent utility power.

This version of an industrial generator uses gasoline as fuel while including 120-volt power outlets. These outlets resemble those we use at a home. With the machine functioning at full capacity, feel free to plug any appliance into it. It is quite okay to plug them indirectly. 

The only aspect you need to be concerned about is the purpose of utilizing the generator. It is an important aspect of buying an industrial generator because nobody wants to overestimate the necessary power.


These are the generators that you can install beside a house or business for an indefinite period of time. The wiring process connects it with the electrical system directly. It allows the power supply for the circuits that absolutely need it at the time of a power outage. 

There are different models for a variety of uses. One model starts on its own as soon as there is an outage, stopping only with the return of the power. 

You have to use liquid propane for fuelling the generator. Furthermore, you must get a permit for installing one with help from a professional.

What to Keep in Mind

When buying a commercial generator, it is obvious that customers will want to know of some attributes in advance. So, here are some of its attributes:

1. Alternate Fuel Capabilities: 

Nearly every movable generator uses gasoline as a fuel. There are a few that are capable of running on natural gas. The only natural gas that will work is propane. There is a conversion kit that needs to be used for doing so. It is common for the standby generators to use propane as fuel.

2. Inverter Mechanics: 

The job of an inverter is to convert DC power into AC. It is common knowledge that AC power is responsible for powering daily appliances. At the time of buying an inverter, there needs to be a way of handling the wattage for the apparatus in use. 

3. Reducing Noises: 

It is well-known that generators tend to make a lot of noise. There are specific models that provide a sound reduction feature for decreasing the excess noise while operating.

4. Transferring Switches: 

It is imperative to purchase a generator with an optimum size as well as transfer switches. The button itself is responsible for closing out the utility power line in connection with the electrical system. 

This action results in some connection formed for equally turning the electric-powered system. Once the power returns, the generator will reverse the procedure. 

Stationary models are capable of working equally with the manual and instant transfer switches. There is an advantage of using the instant transfer button. It can sense at what time a power outage occurs. As a result, it will instantaneously switch to the machine’s power.

5. Wheels: 

It is common knowledge that a product with the name portable can be moved around to multiple spots. The generator with the slightest build weighs close to fifty pounds, making it quite light in weight. When the target is a bigger model, it usually weighs close to a few hundred pounds. Then it becomes a necessity to include frames with wheels to move them.

6. Running Time: 

One element that no one should miss when buying a generator is run-time. The amount of time you need the generator to be running is something to keep an eye on while buying it. 

It becomes hard to tell what duration is appropriate in case an emergency situation develops, but in the case of the industrial generator being the only origin for power during outages, it will need to function for at least a full workday.

If your movie studio starts out small, you will need to pick the generator carefully. Whether it’s the movable kind or a stationary generator, it is going to be a long-term investment. In that case, the fuel source must be capable of supporting the generator when it runs for a very long period. 

As soon as the fuel finishes, the machine stops working altogether. So, while storing the fuel, always make sure there’s enough for it to function at the time of outages.

Wrap Up

There are multiple areas to cover when you want to buy an industrial generator: type, run time, features, noise level, etc. While buying the actual product, it will also serve you well if the dealer is trustworthy and experienced enough to answer your questions.